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GTA 6: Map Based On Las Venturas




One of the most requested games, sought after on the internet and the most talked-about week after week is, curiously, a game that is not announced. Of course, it is logical that GTA 6, whether it is in development or not, will end up arriving sooner or later because, given the success of Grand Theft Auto V, the new installment would again aspire to be one of the best-selling titles in history. In any case, at the moment we only have theories, rumors, leaks.

One of the most popular and consistent is that the city of GTA 6 will be Vice City. 

There are various rumors to think that, and that is why the Reddit user Thefaceofyourfather recreated a map of Vice City in full and that it would be for the new chapter of the Grand Theft Auto saga

GTA 6: Map Based On Las Venturas
GTA 6: Map Based On Las Venturas

Now, he has been the one who has imagined a new map of Las Venturas and the result is simply spectacular:

Las Venturas is a city that appears in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and is located in Bone County, which is also part of the map that you can see just above.

The user also assures that he did not want the city to occupy so much space within the map, but since Las Vegas is bigger than Miami, he has made Las Venturas be bigger also on your map. Even so, it has left room for several more locations:

  • Area 69
  • Sherman Dam
  • The Castelo del Diablo
  • Verdant Meadow
  • Fort Carson

What do you think of the map? Although it may not be the city that we see in the long-awaited GTA 6, many fans hope to see it again in a future installment of the saga.

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