Halo Infinite Dev Counters To ‘Turtling Up’ Judgement 

The community manager for 343 companies has attended to a fan who is not happy with some of the news for Halo Infinite. 

The audience is eager to listen more about the game. If it were not for the Infinite delay, society would be playing the new Halo game in just 14 days along with the launch. In spite of the game is still tremendous a mystery. That is something some fans are not happy about. 

John Junyszek and respectfully charge with 343 ‘turtling up’ recently. With the game now having an unknown release date, many are showing when more solid information will come. A fan passed out to Junyszek with respect and difference charging with 343 of turtling up presently.

With the game having unknown until the date and many are seeking when more solid information will come. Junyszek does not agree with the turtle claim. However, as he says that 343 is even staying in transmission with the socially with news on Halo Infinite. 

Even if disappointing, the delay of Halo infinite was seen as a nice point by numerous. But at times the audience waits for the game. Many are wishing for more news than simple render. Junsyszek believes this, telling that the small bits of information is not what fans are wishing for. However, 343 is not turtling. 

Unfortunately, Halo infinite can not seem to get out of it is own way. In spite of being an exciting next-gen game. It has become the butt of plethra of jokes. Infinite’s gameplay reveal. Craig the Brute has been a joke. As the game’s graphics were pinched fun at which may be part of the point why the game was rejected. Presently a master chief costume was shown in time for Halloween.

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