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“Master Chief returns for” his best quest yet to save mankind “in Halo Infinite, according to Microsoft. Halo Infinite’s plot will be” even more human, “with the Master Chief having a more important role than in Halo 5: Guardians.

The E3 2018 trailer indicated that the plot will be set on a newly destroyed Halo ring and also highlighted the design of the MJOLNIR armor of Master Chief to return to the design used in Halo 2 and Halo 3. The Exiled, a militant military party that broke from the alien coalition of the former Covenant, was seen to be rivals.

Released Date 

On August 11, on the official Halo Twitter account, 343 Industries posted an announcement stating that the game will be postponed until 2021 to allow the design team to complete.

New Features

The New Infinite Halo Design is completed. In the early stages, new elements were introduced to look fantastic. When it’s out, this game is going to change everything, “they said in a now-deleted tweet. Qilin went on to state when asked for further details that they don’t know if the game would come out in early 2021, but that the wait will be worth it. They said. Now that we have a pause, we’re certainly taking our time to master it. Everything’s worth it, believe me. I decided to make the wait happen.

Halo Infinity has a world that’s more accessible. Halo Infinity would have a more open environment than previous Halo games, as seen in the gameplay declaration. The segment we looked at was a few hours into the title, at which stage it sounds like Master Chief will discuss new targets, while 343 claims there is certainly still a linear story to follow.

There will be a free-to-play Halo Limitless multiplayer. That is enormous news. With more and more of the most popular multiplayer games going free-to-play (or cheap to get started), a very savvy decision from Microsoft is to make Halo Infinite’s multiplayer free from the get-go.

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