Halo Infinite: Reason Behind Delay!

If all the controversy that arose from the Halo Infinite graphic section was not enough, users who were looking forward to enjoying the new installment of one of their favorite sagas were hit hard.

The delay of the game means that Xbox Series X will be released without a first-party title as a flagship, and after much research, it is possible that the reasons for this change in the release date of the work have come to light.

According to Thurrott, there were two main reasons that caused problems in the progress of Halo Infinite, some difficulties that ended up triggering the delay of the game.

The first of them would be due to the numerous outsourcing companies involved in the project, reaching a figure that is much higher than what is customary in the development of other AAA titles.

Halo Infinite: Reason Behind Delay!
Halo Infinite: Reason Behind Delay!

These external companies are in charge of helping with specific tasks of creating a video game, and with so many of them involved in this case, coordination between all of them would have been tough.

Another detail indicated in the article is that the Halo Infinite demo shown at E3 2019 was a part of the game that was developed by one of these external companies, and at that time, the title was not in a playable state with that level of fidelity.

The other compelling reason would have had to do with the pre-production of the television series based on Halo, which would be “a great distraction  for those in charge of managing the 343 Industries project.

Halo Infinite was scheduled to launch worldwide in November, the same day the Xbox Series X console was released. However, after the announcement of its delay, we will have to wait until 2021.

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