What Type Of HDMI Cable Comes With The Nintendo Switch

If you’re thinking about buying a Nintendo Switch, you undoubtedly want to know if an HDMI cable is included.

The high-speed, 3-foot HDMI cable that comes with the Nintendo Switch is capable of transmitting both 4K at 60 Hz and 1080p at 60 Hz.

Now let’s look at the Nintendo switch’s HDMI cable capabilities and what comes in the box with a new Nintendo switch. Let’s start now.

What type of HDMI cable comes with the Nintendo Switch?

A High-speed HDMI cable is included with the Nintendo Switch. This particular cable type supports 4K at 30 Hz and 1080p at 60 Hz. Although this cable supports 4K and gives a wonderful resolution and refresh rate, if you want to upgrade to a 4K at 60 HZ resolution, you will need a Premium high-speed cable, also known as a 4k HDMI cable.

Additionally, the given wire is about three feet long, which is perfect if your setups are close to one another but you might need a longer line if they are far away.

What’s Included In The Nintendo Switch Box?

The following accessories are included in the Nintendo Switch Box :

HDMI Cable Nintendo Switch

1. HDMI Cable

HDMI cable is for connecting the Dock to your TV.  The Nintendo Switch comes with a 3-foot-long HDMI cable that can support both 4K at 60 Hz and 1080p at 60 Hz. 

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2. The Switch Console 

Console’s main features:

  • A capacitive touch screen with a 6.2-inch 720p display
  • A headphone jack
  • MicroSD card reader (upgradable)
  • USB Type-C Charging Port
  • Playing Card Slot
  • Kick-stand (for tabletop mode) equipped with wireless internet
  • 3-6.5 hours of playtime 

3. Joy-Con Straps 

You receive two pairs of joy-con straps, one for each pair of joy-cons. These are helpful when playing motion-controlled games to prevent dropping or throwing your switch unintentionally.

  • Enables you to fasten Joy-Cons to your wrists.
  • Also serve as button augmentations
  • Give the Joy-Cons’ edges a rounded appearance.
  • Available separately are wrist straps in grey, neon red, and neon blue.

4. USB-C AC Adapter

A USB-C AC adapter is for powering the Dock and charging the Switch Console.

5. Nintendo Switch Dock

The tablet is connected to your TV using the dock, and the setup is straightforward. To get started, just dock your tablet and plug in the HDMI wire.

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Switch Dock’s Main Features:

  • Ties a console to a TV
  • Enables 1080p full-HD images (Nintendo Switch screen supports max 720p)
  • Should be plugged into the mains (AC Adapter provided in the box)
  • HDMI connection to TV is required (cable in the box)

1. Joy-Con Grip

You can play in a more comfortable position thanks to the joy-con grip’s altered control placement.

  • Permits the use of a more conventional joypad layout.
  • Suitable for tabletop or TV modes
  • No power, chipsets, or wiring: In essence, a shell is free of expense. 

2. Joy-Con (L) And Joy-Con 

If utilized portably, the Joycons let you operate your Nintendo Switch. You can choose between joy cons that are Red, Blue, or Grey in color.

HDMI Cable Nintendo Switch

  • Can be attached to the main console or utilized independently.
  • Complete button set and standalone controller functionality.
  • Includes motion control using an accelerometer and a gyroscope.
  • The gameplay is immersive thanks to HD Rumble.
  • Motion, shape, and distance of objects are detected by the IR Motion Camera in the Joy-Con (R).
  • Tap the amiibo on the NFC touchpoint to utilize them.
  • Up to 20 hours of use between charges. A single console can have up to 8 controllers connected via Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

An item that is not included with the Nintendo Switch and is purchased separately is Joy-con charging grip.

( This useful grip allows you to combine the left and right Joy-Con into a single larger controller. You are not required to stop playing while your Joy-Con is charging thanks to this feature ).

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