Here Are The Commands to Kill all Mobs in Minecraft

Are you playing the Minecraft? Do you hate killing the mobs one by one? Do you want to kill all the mobs in Minecraft? Well, here you are at the right place to find a solution to kill all the mobs in Minecraft.

 Kill all Mobs in Minecraft
Kill all Mobs in Minecraft

We feel it is frustrating sometimes to kill every mob individually, in this article, you will get the Minecraft to kill command for mobs.

Minecraft – What are mobs in Minecraft?

Mobs are nothing but your virtual enemies that could possibly be animals, monsters or any other living creatures.

But you need to worry more about all hostile Mobs in Minecraft. You must be imagining now that what does hostile mobs refer to?

all hostile Mobs in Minecraft
all hostile Mobs in Minecraft

Well, if you have been playing Minecraft, you’d know it, however, if you don’t, they are your major opponents while you are playing Minecraft.

The Hostile mobs have a direct motive to kill the player. They always approach the player to just kill them. Mainly the Hostile mobs are creatures like spiders, zombies, Vampires, creepers, endermen etc.

Why should we kill all the Mobs in Minecraft?

Mobs look adorable but still, we need to kill them. Do you know why?

Well, firstly we need to understand that what you are doing in Minecraft? In Minecraft, you will be building the entire world, and that world will be consisting of a cool house, like a royal house. But if you ignore those adorable mobs, just thinking why should we kill them? Then my friend you are wrong here. They will not allow you to build your visualized world.

They can be killed by a diamond sword but!! Once you kill one of them, more of them will again come to your visualized world and they will destroy your house. So, killing them all is the only solution you have, and you would have to kill them all to protect your house.

There are a few commands by which you will be able to kill all krugg of them.

Keep reading the article to know the commands.

What to do to kill all the mobs?

Killing them all is not an easy task. However, to Kill All command Minecraft, you  can use the diamond sword to kill them one by one.

Here Are The Commands to Kill all Mobs in Minecraft

Do remember, this will not help you to kill them all. The leftover mobs are going to attack the clan and they going to destroy it. So, the only way left for you to kill them using the commands. It sounds interesting, just a single command and they will be dead.

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Check out these instructions and steps that can be implemented to kill all the mobs

  • STEP 1: UUID – Use a Universally Unique Identifier to kill

As Minecraft is executed, each identity is assigned with a unique ID which is highlighted at the time of execution.

  • Identify the mob.
  • Type /kill.
  • You will see a unique id will be flashing on your screen.
  • Select the UUID flashing on your screen.
  • Type the command and Hit enter.

There is very little chance that you may not see the UUID on the screen but don’t have to worry about there may be a glitch in Minecraft. A simple restart can help.

Step 2: How to Kill a Specific Mob

Here are some of the steps that would help you when you think of killing specific mobs:

  • Identify the mob.
  • Type ‘/kill@e’
    • This helps you get all entities in the target
  • Then type [type=cow].
    • All the cows will be killed in a go.
  • Hit Enter and you’re done.

Step 3: The Most Awaited – How to Kill All entities in Minecraft?

You must have been waiting to know how to kill all these, so, here you go:

  • Type the command /kill
  • Use @e to target all the entities for the kill.
  • Then Type [type=! player].
    • You’re all set to kill them all now.
  • When Execute the command by hit the Enter button to proceed.

Some More FAQs to quick glance:

  1. What is the use of Kill Commands in Minecraft?

Kill commands are the commands that are used to kill all the mobs in Minecraft.

  1. How to get rid of the remaining mobs after using kill command?

There may be some glitches with Minecraft, so just use the commands and you will be good with it.

  1. How can you fly in Minecraft?

Type /game mode 1, which takes you into the creative mode. And now you can tap the spacebar twice to fly.

  1. Are there any platforms where the kill commands are prohibited or limited?

Yes, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U are some of the platforms where you can’t use the Kill command but apart from that you can use the kill command in any platform


Killing the mobs at glance with the diamond sword is not easy. There would always be some leftover mobs who going to destroy your visualized world. We are sure that you will not let that happen. So, there is the only solution left for you “Kill THEM ALL”.

Here Are The Commands to Kill all Mobs in Minecraft

We are sure that gives you all the insight on How to Enter the Command to kill all mobs at once.

Killing them all will not be a very hard task for you. Just follow the article and try to not jump any step mentioned above. This will definitely help you to successfully build your dream world.

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