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Horizon Zero Dawn Gets Patch Update For PC




One of the most exciting sandboxes of this generation is now available on PC. Horizon Zero Dawn has not landed without controversy, but a new patch improves, a little more, the state of the game.

Horizon Zero Dawn has already reached PC, but the premiere has not been the most optimal. The computer version has a few glitches and bugs that hamper the gaming experience. Therefore, Guerrilla is working to correct all this mess.

Bugs & Optimization

Like the first patch released last week, Guerrilla Games fixes various bugs and issues that were causing players a lot of headaches. Next, we leave you with the improvements, corrections, and optimizations that this update 1.02 has gone.

Patch Notes

Horizon Zero Dawn Gets Patch Update For PC
Horizon Zero Dawn Gets Patch Update For PC

 Let’s take a glance on Patch Notes:-

  • Solved the issue about crashing during the start of the game, and ran out of disk space error
  •  Fixed an issue where some players would have problems updating their controllers after the game was already pre-optimized
  •  Fixed an issue where some players would hang during gameplay due to memory being incorrectly overwritten
  • Fixed an issue that caused some players to crash during gameplay due to a texture drift bug
  •  Autosave performance is improved
  •  Fixed an issue where some players would experience V-sync not turning off properly in borderless mode
  •  Fixed an issue all that caused some players and to experience out-of-sync facial animations due to being locked at full level 30FPS
  •  Reduced memory used when transmitting shaders

Not long ago, Horizon Zero Dawn released its update 1.01 on PC that fixed several of the problems of this version. Guerrilla has already responded to the issues of Horizon Zero Dawn on PC, and that is Horizon Zero Dawn does not have a visual improvement on PC concerning PS4.

Once again Horizon Zero Dawn continues to surprise the gamers.

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