Horizon Zero Dawn: How To Re-Enter Mother’s Eyes

Today we tell you one of the most important tricks of Horizon Zero Dawn so that you can have a certain advantage after one of the arcs of the game. It is possible to return to Mother’s Eyes sooner.

Despite Horizon Zero Dawn being a few years old, a good number of players are having a great time touring its fantastic open world for the first time. Horizon Zero Dawn has arrived on PC and for that reason, we want to help you in your journey through Aloy’s adventure.

How to re-enter Mother’s Eyes in Horizon Zero Dawn

To get one of the secret armors of the game (Weaver) you must get five energy cells, which are scattered around the map. Four of them are relatively easy to find, but the fifth can be considered more complex to obtain.

Horizon Zero Dawn
Horizon Zero Dawn

That cell is found in Mother’s Eyes and if it is not obtained at the moment we access it for the first time, we will have to wait until the game is over to return. However, there is a little trick that will allow us to find the cell much earlier.

Through a very specific route and a particular glitch, we can sneak into the lair again and find the collectible. You must bear in mind that it is not easy at all to get access through this route and you will also need a mount and above all, a lot of patience.

Of course, if you want to know more about this new version of the Guerrilla Games title, we leave you with our analysis of Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition on PC, a great game, and a complicated port. And it is that Horizon Zero Dawn does not have a visual improvement on PC with respect to PS4.

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