How Much Do You Know about TFT Meta

MetaTFT is the best spot for TFT details, winrates, meta comps and things. We use AI to ascertain the best Teamfight Tactics comps, things, units and qualities, giving you the benefit. Exceptional for Patch 11.6b – get the perused on the meta before any other person.

TFT Comps computes winrates and normal arrangement for the current top Meta TFT comps, by world. It additionally recommends the best forms, last pieces, and merry go round need

Things shows the most grounded things, and can propose the best thing works for a given unit. TFT Item winrates are untrustworthy because of merry go rounds enhancing the winrate of exceptional things, so we use AI to quantify the strength of every thing

Units endeavors to ascertain the general strength of each TFT champion. It can likewise recommend the best hero to put a thing on, so in case you don’t know which unit to put your merry go round thing on, have a pursuit here!

Attributes scores the general strength of every quality. Not certain which qualities you should run in the midgame? Take a stab at contrasting them here with perceive how they add up.

Rising features the quickest climbing players across NA, KR and EUW Solo Queue, so you can see which procedures are working and track down some possible new comps to attempt.

How we do it:

We examine a large number of matches and comps from the high degree of positioned play. We at that point use AI to distinguish basic group organizations and the key factors that added to a players achievement. Our Tier calculation assists with representing the way that the later the game goes, the more things you are probably going to get, which misleadingly swells win paces of extraordinary things. Our Comp computations are likewise especially cautious to maintain a strategic distance from the normal trap of survivorship predisposition, by including deficient forms and slight variations of every sythesis in the last figuring. The outcome is the most precise and modern TFT details, permitting you to find the top TFT Comps to play before any other individual.

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