How much is a Nintendo 64 worth in 2020

Nintendo 64 love :

Your love for video game is an unceasing process. The more you try to get out of the trap, the more get indulged in 296 N64 games.  Now, if  you are thinking to have your own best video game console ,here  we are coming with the best comparative prices for Nintendo 64 worth. 

Let’s explore the Nintendo 64 value

If you are looking for how much is a Nintendo 64 worth today, you will end up figuring out the exact values. It varies from time to time according to the  special editions and latest version. The value of Nintendo 64 starts from $47 to $147. The fluctuations in price due to its limited editions and colour variants. Usually, most of the N64 game cassettes com4 in the grey colour . Apart from the colour grey, Nintendo 64 has six more colours (Black, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Green and Red) with special editions.

In fact , the more retro consoles the more prices, you are required to pay.  Even some sellers are selling the Nintendo 64 in – the- box consoles  are in more than $1000.

Nintendo 64 Black is available online from $130 to $170 . But if you go for the Nintendo 64 (Japanese import) , it will cost around $253 . The lowest price for the original Nintendo 64 black is around $99.99 . Now, it is your turn to decide which one , you are going to buy.

How much is a Nintendo 64 worth in 2020
How much is a Nintendo 64 worth in 2020

Nintendo 64 Jungle Green is available from  $299.90 to $538.91 . But if you want to use the jungle green limited edition in pre owned condition , then it is available from $160 to $240.

Nintendo 64 Water Melon red version is the rarest among all the versions of Nintendo 64.  The price of the N64 water melon version varies from $349.99 to $464.89. Also , if you do not bother to use it in the pre owned condition, then you can have it for $240 onwards. You can try this rarest version of Nintendo64, if you are crazy about N64 games.

Though Nintendo 64 console values are high, but if you always had a desire to play the games like – Tarzan Big Box, Stunt Racer, Clay fighter,  Bomberman 64 the second attack, Super Bowling, Snowboard kids, then Nintendo 64 is worth buying for you.  Prepare your Home screen , if you have already decided to buy Nintendo 64 and prosper the video gaming spirit.

How much is a Nintendo 64 worth today ?

How much is a Nintendo 64 worth in 2020
How much is a Nintendo 64 worth in 2020

The price of Nintendo 64 fluctuates from time to time.  In most of the popular E commerce website, you will be getting from lowest to highest prices.

For instance, if you have built trust with Amazon (One of the most popular online retailers), then you can get an idea about the prices reflection in it.

The renewed  colour Variants N64 (Amazon) : These are available in between the range $187 to $290.

Nintendo 64 New version (Amazon) : It is available from $119  to $167.50 onwards.

Third party sellers’ prices (Amazon): If  you want to know how much Nintendo 64 sell for , the third parties are giving it to you either in pre owned condition or a new one around $40 to $60.

The renewed Pikachu System (Amazon ) :  It is available on $399.99 along with shipping charge $57.39, so you can consider the total cost as $457.35 by today.

The renewed jungle Green version (Amazon ) : Today its price is $249.99.

Now, you can compare the prices with another e commerce retailer ebay .

How much is a Nintendo 64 worth in 2020
How much is a Nintendo 64 worth in 2020

If you love to buy things online through ebay, then you get to see a huge difference in the prices of the products you opt for buying.

The Pre owned Nintendo 64 Pikachu Set limited edition (ebay) : The price for this N64 pre owned Pikachu version is available on INR 44,867.74 + shipping fee INR 5695.02 today.  So you are paying around INR50,562.76,  alsmost $722.

Nintendo 64 console 2 (ebay) : It is available around $110. 

Nintendo 64 Launch Edition console Jungle Green (ebay) : It is available around $220.

The general overview for How much Nintendo 64 worth in 2020:

  • For the Used or Pre owned condition : Prices vary from $100 to $150
  • Refurbished Nintendo 64 : Prices vary from $110 to $250 .
  • New Nintendo 64 : Prices start from $500 , but you will get the Japanese models around $250 to $300 .

Why N64 is expensive : The reason why Nintendo 64 is expensive that, it uses a 64MB cartridge, the largest storage capacity in any N64 games. As  ROM matters a lot in video games.

Super Mario 64 is one of the most popular games in Nintendo 64.

Value is the main attraction that a buyers look for , when they buy something valuable for lifetime.  You will decide, which category to use the new unopened box, or the refurbished ones or the pre owned ones.  Now a days , it is a challenge to own a Nintendo 64.  The nostalgia of our childhood will reflect, once we sit again with the Super Mario game.  Some classic reasons like there, that is why Nintendo 64 is worth buying in 2020.

(Please be informed : The above mentioned prices and information are correct as on 8th July, 2020. However, we will try to give you the current prices from time to time. The prices of Nintendo 64 may fluctuate. The prices of Nintendo 64 may vary in other regions. )

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