How To Attend A Party In Bitlife? [Updated 2023]

In this specific article, we will provide a guide and explain all the things you need to know about how to attend a party in bitlife. So, continue reading to learn how to attend a party in bitlife. 

Wondering how to attend a party in bitlife? Do not worry anymore, as we are here to help you. Go to the party option under your friends’ relationship menu once you have made friends.

Moreover, attending parties can be a task for some specific challenges which you might want to finish as quickly as possible in BitLife. 

Going to or attending parties in BitLife is a fun way for your character to interact with their close friends and also improve and increase their network in society. It is a task that you will have to do while playing the BitLife simulation game. 

What Is A Party In BitLife?

How to attend a party in bitlife

In BitLife, attending a party is a way of socializing, and also a fun way for your character to interact with their close friends.

A party is an activity that you can perform while playing the game, and it can be a request for a particular challenge that you are wanting to complete within a certain amount of time.

How To Attend Parties Easily In BitLife?

Attending a party in BitLife is quite easy in the game. You can do this through the friends of your character in the game. 

You can easily attend a party by clicking on the Relationship tab located next to the age button (the big plus button) on the Menu hub in BitLife. You have to open the Relationship page and under that, you will find a list of the friends of your character. 

From there, you will be able to attend a party by selecting and clicking on any of the profiles of your character’s friends and locating the option of ‘Party’. Now, by clicking and utilizing the Party option, you will allow your character and their friend to attend a random kind of party in BitLife.

How To Go To Parties In BitLife?

How To Attend A Party In Bitlife

In case you want to go to parties in BitLife, you will need to have lots of buddies. In accordance with the experience that we have gained, a party is not just visiting a nightclub. Your characters can attend a party while taking anyone among their friends, regardless of age. 

When we first accomplished this task and our characters attended a party, they were at least ten years old. 

From the moment your character starts going to school, they will become able to make friends. With each year passing by and your character aging up, the number of friends will most likely increase. 

Once your character befriends someone, you will have to make sure to often spend time with them individually under the relationship tab, or by utilizing the ‘Spend Time With All…’ option (which can be found at the bottom of the relationship page) for enhancing the friendship of your character with all of their friends.

Through this, you will be able to maintain the friendships for which you’ll have to throw parties throughout the life of your character.

After successfully making some friends, tap on any of them to open the list of activities that you’ll have to undertake with that friend. You’ll see a ‘Party’ option located right above the ‘Prank’ option. If you click it, you and your friend will start partying together. 

You will be able to repeat this whenever you want, and every time you and your friend will experience a different delight. In addition, this activity will allow you to improve your friendship with your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do you do the Sinderella challenge in BitLife?

For completing the Sinderella challenge in Bitlife you will be required to finish five tasks. 

The tasks you will have to complete are – 

  • Be born a female commoner
  • Murder a step-parent and step-sibling
  • Become a housekeeper
  • Attend over 5 parties
  • Marry into royalty

Q2. How do I become a housekeeper on BitLife?

There is just one requirement for getting a job as a housekeeper, and that is to reach the age of 18 years old. Hence, to become a housekeeper, your character will have to start looking at the full-time job listings under the Jobs section, after turning 18.

It may require you to check the listings multiple times to find the job. Once you find it, you will have to apply for the job, pass the interview, and then get the job to become a housekeeper.

Q3. Why do I have a gun next to my name in BitLife?

In case you are seeing a gun next to your name in BitLife, it means that the special talent of your character is related to crime. It will mean that your character is likely to be more successful with crime-related activities.

Q4. How do you marry a king in BitLife?

Here is what you’ll have to do for marrying a king in BitLife –

  • Maintaining high Health and Looks stats.
  • Become rich and famous.
  • Maximize and maintain your fame.
  • Wait until someone from the royalty contacts you.
  • Date the king.
  • Get married to the KIng.

Q5. How do you complete the BitLife Social Butterfly Challenge?

For completing the BtLife Butterfly Challenge, you will have to finish the tasks mentioned below –

  • Connect with BitLife on Instagram.
  • Connect with BitLife on TikTok.
  • Connect with BitLife on Snapchat.
  • Connect with BitLife on Twitter.
  • Have over 30 friends with perfect relationships.

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