How To Become A CEO In Bitlife

Once you know every stage, being a CEO in BitLife is simple. Luckily, our BitLife CEO Guide will lead you through all the needed procedures to becoming the boss of your firm. As unpleasant as it might seem, climbing the corporate ladder isn’t all that difficult.

You will be well on your way to becoming a CEO in BitLife if you start by following our exact instructions for choosing a school and a job.

Being a CEO in the real world is difficult, but your desire can come true in virtual world games like Bitlife – Life Simulator. It allows you to quickly rise to the position of CEO of a major corporation, but there are a few requirements that you must meet.

You almost have it all done if you follow the How to Become a CEO Walkthrough Guide. When choosing an education job, choosing the appropriate path must be made before beginning your journey to becoming a CEO.

Furthermore, your second goal would be to apply to the business school. Once finished, apply for a position in the business sector and spend roughly 15 years working for the same company. You are then qualified to apply for the position of Assistant Vice President.

As soon as you’re chosen, work hard to advance to more responsible roles, such as:

  • AVP
  • VP
  • First Vice President
  • Senior VP
  • Executive VP
  • Managing Director
  • CEO

Create a character with a high intelligence stat as your first step toward becoming a CEO. To have high smarts, you either need to study and read books or reroll till you get the necessary smart stat.

Rerolling is the most straightforward option because the first one involves numerous time-consuming tasks. All you have to do to reroll your character is keep making new ones until you reach a high intelligence level.

You’ll be prepared to age your character after you get an intelligent percentage of at least 70% until the character reaches school age.

Use the Study Harder option as soon as you enroll in school to maintain and improve your intelligence levels. It’s critical to develop your intelligence and retain it to obtain higher-level employment.

Once you become 12 years old, you can also begin visiting the library. Therefore, to continue boosting your intelligence, we advise visiting the library, studying hard, and reading books.

To preserve your relationship with your parents, we advise taking them to the movies and engaging in activities together. If you decide to have, your parents pay for your college, keeping a good relationship with them will make it simpler for you to obtain a scholarship in the future.

Participating in at least two extracurricular activities is excellent because athletes are in a great position to receive scholarships. When you reach college age in BitLife, you can obtain a scholarship by being innovative, so give all three a shot.

Requirements For The CEO Career In BitLife

how to become a ceo in bitlife

  • Possess a high IQ of at least 80%.
  • University: Business administration or finance
  • University: Business School
  • Any position with the word “Corporate” in it
  • The new job titles are Assistant Vice President, Vice President, Executive Vice President, Managing Director, and CEO.
  • Attend business school and study finance or IT in college
  • 15 years of employment in the business firm

Steps To Become CEO In BitLife

With Bitlife – Life Simulation, anything is possible, whether your dream is to become president or a thief. It’s a text-based video game that allows you to live out your fantasies, achieve your goals, and become anyone you choose.

Please choose the location of your virtual character’s birth, the gender, and a name for them. Earn in-game currency by participating in entertaining events and living a luxurious lifestyle. Many players have previously used our services to become presidents, singers, actors, gold diggers, and other roles in their beloved game Bitlife.

1.Graduate From University In Finance

how to become a ceo in bitlife

After finishing your school education, you must carefully choose your career route from the options available, such as:





many more.

As was already stated, all that is necessary to become a CEO is to graduate from college with a degree in finance for your undergraduate degree. It could be challenging to select the Finance option while choosing your subject. If the financial opportunity isn’t listed, we strongly advise you to start a new life.

2. Get Into The Business School

how to become a ceo in bitlife

The game gives you two choices when you earn your university degree, including “Seek Higher Education” and “Search for a Job.” Going with the first option (Seek Higher Education) and submitting an application to the business school is the best course of action because having a degree in finance is insufficient to become a CEO.

Pay your fee to complete the procedure after your application is accepted. You can apply for a student loan or ask your parents to chip in if you don’t have the money.

3. Apply For A Job In Corporate Sector

how to become a ceo in bitlife

The second step in becoming a CEO is to work in the corporate sector. As you leave Business School, the opportunity to look for work becomes available. You will then have the option to accept or reject the position. If you press the refuse button, your parents will undoubtedly pressurize you to find employment; as a result, go through the steps to do so (Occupation Button -> Jobs -> Junior Level Job in Corporate Sector).

4. Work For At least 15 Years.

how to become a ceo in bitlife

As we already indicated, applying for the Assistant President role might put you in the running for CEO. You must work in the corporate sector for a single company for 15 years before you may realize your dream of becoming the CEO. You don’t need to do anything because success comes from working hard every year.

Resign from your Junior Level Job once you have worked for 15 years in the corporate sector and start looking for new Assistant President Job postings.

5. Search For The Assistant Vice President Post

how to become a ceo in bitlife

You become eligible to receive proposals for the position you need to get to the CEO seat after serving for 15 years. Additionally, apply for the position of Assistant Vice President by clicking the Jobs tab on the Occupation tab.

6. How To Get Promoted To CEO?

how to become a ceo in bitlife

It would be best if you put in a lot of effort each year as an Assistant Vice President. Work hard till you are appointed CEO of your company, but first, you must succeed in several other roles. Vice president, first vice president, senior vice president, executive vice president, managing director, and chief executive officer.

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Frequently Asked Question

1. How Much Do CEOS Make BitLife?

Lead Actor or Singer are the two positions in BitLife with the most significant salaries. Both of these professions grant you the renowned bar, which can be used to acquire large sums of money. Although the occupations themselves pay well, you can also use the Fame option to publish a book, star in a commercial, and model for publications.

2. When Can You Start your own business In BitLife?

You may launch your own business and employ hundreds of people! It will take some time to become CEO; you will need at least 15 years of experience to be hired for this position. However, it’s a goal worth pursuing because achieving it would increase your success in BitLife.

3. Who Is The Owner Of BitLife?

On September 29, 2018, CandyWriter LLC released BitLife: Life Simulator, a nomadic life simulation game, more often known as BitLife.

4. What Is Karma In BitLife

Karma plays a role in BitLife. Making excellent decisions will raise your karma while making poor decisions will diminish it. Karma makes a player live longer and handle difficult situations more easily. A character’s level of karma and general happiness are mentioned after death.

5. How Do I marry In Royalty BitLife?

Here’s what you must do to get your Bitlife avatar married into royalty.

  • Maintain a healthy weight and good looks.
  • Become wealthy and renowned.
  • Maintain your renown (or increase it) (or improve it)
  • Hold off till Royal contact you.
  • To join the Royal family, date and eventually wed them.


    Attend meetings and events when doing your duties as an AVP because they can mark a turning point in your life. As a result, make sure to accompany your superiors and coworkers on meetings and business trips so that you may aid in their decision-making.

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