How To Become King In Bitlife?

A member of the royal family may be your character’s birth family. If you want your character to rule as king, they must be born into a royal family.

You’ll have to either get them married into the royal family or start over with a new character if they happen to be born an earl, duke, or other members of the nobility.

How To Become King In Bitlife (In Brief)

To become king or queen, your character must first become a prince or princess and then wait for the death of his or her parents. You may kill them to hurry things up.

If you don’t have access to God Mode, choose a nation from the outset with a monarchy and start a new game. Your protagonist could be born into a royal family at random.

For your character to get to the position of monarch, they must be taken into a royal family. You’ll either have to have them marry into the royal family or start again with a new character if they’re born an earl, duke, or another member of the nobility.

You’ll have to wait until your character gets the throne before you can claim it as your own, too.

How to become king in bitlife

There are three primary methods to become king in BitLife:

  • When making a new character, go to God Mode and choose a noble background.
  • Makeup people till one of them turns out to be a prince or princess.
  • Join the royal family by marriage.

The first choice is the most straightforward, but it will cost you actual cash. You may access God Mode through the New Life option.

However, you’ll need to choose a nation with a monarchy as your starting point. For instance, selecting the United States as your country of residence would exclude you from ever holding the title of king or queen. 

The same applies to the countries of Belgium, Denmark, Norway, and the United Kingdom, all of which have a Royal Status option from which to choose.

Places Where You Can Become A King

Following are the countries where you can become a king:

  • Belgium.
  • Denmark.
  • Japan.
  • Jordan.
  • Kuwait.
  • Malaysia.
  • Monaco.
  • Morocco.

It’s a complete roll of the dice whether you’ll be born into a royal family or not in any of these nations. Things become a lot simpler if you’re born into a royal family.

Your other choice is to wed into the royal family. Again, this is a matter of chance since you’ll need to keep the lady happy during your dating relationship if you want to pop the question at some point.

What Are The Perks Of BitLife King?

As you can imagine, having the title of “king” in BitLife has numerous perks. You have your family’s preexisting fortune to thank for this. You will be flush with cash and able to buy as many mansions and expensive cars as your heart desires.

How to become king in bitlife

Now that you are king, you may begin doing what has to be done. As a leader, you can do many cool things, like getting to meet and spend time with renowned people. You have the power to make new laws, act as a ruler, and even carry out an execution.

How Do I Abandon BitLife King?

If you want to be abandoned out of Bitlife as king, you must conduct public disservices and repeatedly perform executions until you are cast out of the kingdom. Both functions are best accessed by becoming a royal and may be found in the royal section of Bitlife.


1. How do I move up royalty BitLife?

In reality, one can only become a member of the royal family in two ways. You may join the royal family by either birth or marriage. In any case, luck will undoubtedly play a role. 

Another option is to wed into the royal family, although this has challenges. Head on to the menu’s “date” section, where you can meet a royal family member or a gym hunk.

2. At What age can you become king in BitLife?

You can become a king in bitlife at the age of 16 years.

3. Can you marry the king in BitLife?

Here are the steps necessary for your character to marry King Bitlife.

  • Your Health and Appearance depend on it!
  • Get noticed and rewarded with wealth.
  • Make sure your reputation doesn’t slip.
  • Keep waiting to hear from a member of the Royal
  • To join the Royal family, you must date and marry one of them.

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