How To Connect Switch To Laptop

For the company, Nintendo Switch (NS) has drastically changed the dynamics.

Many gamers have begun to adore handheld portable consoles as a consequence, and many non-gamers have been purchasing this portable device specifically for gaming.

Switch is a terrific option for having fun on the go when being carried around, taken to work, events, etc. 

However, you may utilize The Dock to connect your Switch to your TV or Monitor at home and play comfortably on a bigger screen.

But yet again, a lot of us may not have a TV or Monitor; instead, we may only have a laptop. So, can we link a laptop to a Nintendo Switch?

How To Connect Nintendo Switch To A Laptop

How To Connect Switch To Laptop

We are unable to directly connect the Nintendo Switch to the laptop. The Nintendo Dock is the sole way to connect a Nintendo Switch to another gadget.

The Switch is linked to TVs or monitors using HDMI cables and the Dock’s HDMI output connector.

Unfortunately, the HDMI output port is also on the laptop.

In other words, neither a dock nor a laptop can receive any input via HDMI, but they can send their data or screens to other devices that do.

Therefore, in order to connect, we require a device that can accept HDMI input and convert it into USB output.

Fortunately, we can still connect the Nintendo Switch to a laptop or a computer with the aid of our trusty “Game Capture Card.

 What You Need-

1. The Nintendo Switch

2. Laptop

3. Nintendo Dock

The Switch can only be connected and viewed on other devices, such as a monitor or TV, using this cable, which is included with the console.

4. Game Capture Card

The Game Capture Card was first designed to transmit gaming from consoles to PCs.

It primarily serves as a connection with a USB port, HDMI input port, and HDMI output port to transfer connectivity to a laptop’s operating system.

Use a sound-quality capture card for a seamless, lag-free experience.

This market is essentially dominated by Elgato by Corsair.

The Elgato HD60 S, their most recent model, is their best-selling capture card. It outputs 1080P at 60 frames per second.

Additionally, the USB 3.0 type-C connectivity offers a seamless, nearly lag-free experience.

But you should choose an older model if your laptop lacks a Type-C connection.

Perhaps the Elgato HD60, which employs nearly the same technology with the exception of the lightning-fast type-C output

5. HDMI Cables

For this procedure, just one HDMI cable is required. Fortunately, one comes with the Switch and one is in the package with the Capture Card.

Both of these will function perfectly. But make sure to stock up if you don’t have an HDMI cable with you.

6. Software

You will also need the software to use the capture card in order to interact with the Laptop and operate the Switch while docked. The maker’s website offers a free download of the software.

Steps To Connect A Laptop To A Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch should be connected to the Nintendo Dock. It’s quite simple; all you have to do is connect the Dock’s cord to the Switch’s Type-C port.

  • Unplug the HDMI cord from your TV or monitor if you have attached the Dock to them.
  • Make sure you plug the HDMI cable into the Capture Card’s “HDMI in” connector when connecting the Nintendo Dock to the device.
  • On your laptop, launch the capture programme.
  • While docked, turn on the Nintendo Switch.
  • Connect the Game Capture Card to your laptop via the USB wire. The home screen of the Nintendo Switch will then appear directly on your laptop after a brief delay.
  • Control the Switch on the laptop via the Joy-Con. You can stream live or enter the full screen to get the ultimate big-screen experience. Record your games, take advantage of the back recording capability, or even engage in live commentary and conversation.
  • Additionally, you may use the Switch to play games on your PC to its full potential. That allows for multitasking at its finest and is similar to a two-in-one feature.

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Another Way To Play Nintendo Switch Games On Your Laptop

How To Connect Switch To Laptop

Well, up until this point, this was the only option to directly connect to and operate a Nintendo Switch on a laptop.

However, the price of the capture card alone is extremely high.

If you merely want to play Switch games, many of them are available in the Windows Store; give them a shot. 

You may also play Switch games on a laptop using emulators. Emulators are still far from stable, so take caution.

As a result, there are many problems to encounter and severe lags. Choose one of these choices to glance at the games.

The HDMI capture devices are a fantastic method to link a laptop and a Nintendo Switch.

It provides an experience that is practically lag-free thanks to type-C capabilities. However, some are still present.

From the Switch, the information is transported to the Nintendo Dock, then via HDMI to the Capture Device, and finally, it is again converted to USB for transmission to the laptop.

Since it takes a while, there will be some delay.

Despite the flawless operation of most games, a handful are practically unplayable because of this slight delay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.How do I connect a Nintendo Switch to a TV? 

The bottom terminal of the dock marked “HDMI OUT” should receive one end of the HDMI cable; the other end should go into an HDMI port on your television or monitor.

Close the Nintendo Switch dock’s back cover. Remove the console’s left and right Joy-Con controllers. 

2.How do I connect a Nintendo Switch to hotel Wi-Fi?

Navigate to the main menu and select “Settings.” Go to “Internet settings” by selecting “Internet”.

The Switch will begin its network search. To get the Switch to start the registration procedure, click the hotel network.

3. How do I reset a Nintendo Switch?

Press and hold the POWER Button for at least three seconds to bring up the Power Menu on a Nintendo Switch device.

To turn the system off, restart it, or put it in sleep mode after selecting Power Options.


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