How To Escape Prison In Bitlife?

Bitlife contains everything the real world offers in a portable electronic device. There is nothing you cannot do in the game, from rising to fame as a YouTuber to getting your ranch. The game also features jails if you choose to take the wrong route and go wild committing crimes.

In Bitlife, there are maximum security, minimum security, and standard security prisons. Depending on the crime you commit, you will spend time in jail. However, neither of these prisons is enjoyable, so you will undoubtedly want to escape. Therefore, breaking out of jail is no easy task.

One security guard is playing checkers with you and will move twice for every move you make. He won’t merely make two motions in any direction; instead, he will make those motions in your direction, beginning horizontally.

Your punishment for trying to flee will be extended by a few years if the guard manages to catch you.

To escape from prison in BitLife, you must block the security guard in the maze’s walls such that his range of motion is constrained. He can be imprisoned in one of the three-sided boxes in the Bitlife jail, and you can move swiftly in the direction of the escape.

How To Break Free From Any Prison

Just as in real life, all it takes to end up in jail in BitLife is one crime.

You will lose your current employment and go to prison if you commit a crime. Even as a prisoner, there are some jobs you can apply for, although they don’t pay well.

On the screen next to you is a security guard who will perform two actions for you for the price of one.

He won’t just take two steps in any direction; instead, he will take those steps in your direction, beginning horizontally. You will receive another couple of years in prison for attempting to flee if your running guard finds you.

The secret to escaping the prison in BitLife is to block the security guard on the maze’s walls so that his move set is constrained.

He can get stuck in BitLife Jail’s three side boxes, but you can easily continue your escape.

Without question, breaking out of BitLife’s high-security jail is challenging, but numerous methods and techniques can hasten your release.

Be aware that the guard moves twice whenever you move before attempting to escape from Bitlife prison.

This defender’s vulnerability is that he attacks slant first. Therefore, we should lock the officer inside the prison if he repeats the behavior.

Even if police surround you, you can only move right or left because the policeman will initially move horizontally.

After that, because it only moves diagonally, if there is a wall above it, it will be able to hold you. On BitLife, it’s not the only way out of jail, but it’s the simplest.

In addition to this method, we offer a cheat sheet for each map layout and a video that briefly explains everything.

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How To Acquire All Prison Ribbons In Bitlife

You can obtain Jailbird and Houdini Ribbon by performing the actions listed below.

⦁ Jailbird sash

You only need to enter and exit the dungeon three or four times to complete it. After that, sit in your cage and have senility till you crawl. All you have to do to earn Jailbird Ribbons is that.

⦁ Hudson ribbon

You would want a group to get arrested and then leave right away. Without doing much, you can level up and reach your 60s.

Start robbing homes after that is finished and get caught. If you do this, you’ll wind up in jail. When you’re older, you should try to escape following the above instructions twice a year to obtain a Houdini tape.

Types Of Prison Layout In Prison

BitLife’s prison map resembles a checkerboard, and one of your actions will result in two steps backward from a security guard.

The wall is intended to hold you at all costs so that the security guard won’t approach it.

Therefore, we advise you to move horizontally to see the guard’s response. Furthermore, if you are caught running, your sentence will be extended by additional years.

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Prevent Security Guards From Escaping

You can get out of jail more quickly if you block the security officer. When halting the security guard, you must be careful and take your time. If you rush, he might escape if he turns and walks in the opposite direction.

The Layout Of Maximum Security Prisons

Follow the red path, as indicated in the illustration below.

⦁ Maximum Security 1 – 8×8

How to escape prison in bitlife

⦁ Maximum Security 2 – 8×8

How to escape prison in bitlife


⦁ Maximum Security 3 – 8×8

How to escape prison in bitlife

⦁ Maximum Security 4 – 8×8

How to escape prison in bitlife

⦁ Maximum Security 5 – 8×8

How to escape prison in bitlife

⦁ Maximum Security 6 – 8×8

How to escape prison in bitlife

⦁ Maximum Security 7 – 8×8

How to escape prison in bitlife

⦁ Maximum Security 8 – 8×8

How to escape prison in bitlife

⦁ Maximum Security 9 – 8×8

How to escape prison in bitlife

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do prisoners get or make money in jail?

Many prisoners engage in side businesses to supplement their income. Even though it’s forbidden, unless you’re selling drugs or brewing booze, the personnel usually ignores you.

Popular side jobs include typing, legal work, cleaning cells, laundry, washing shoes, making and selling food products, ironing clothes, stitching, and selling objects created as a pastime.

Some prisoners have engaged in “ticket running,” essentially gambling on sports while incarcerated. By doing this, these prisoners make a LOT of money.

2. How did you get through a time in prison?

Prisoners constantly watch TV, play cards, exercise in their cells, or work. Few jails offer inmates the chance to create and sell crafts, whereas the majority offer educational opportunities. You might even understand the nuances of the law and reduce the length of your sentence.

3. Which career makes the most money in BitLife?

Lead Actor or Singer are the two positions in BitLife with the greatest salaries. Both professions provide you with a renowned bar, which can be used to gain a lot of wealth.

4. What is the hardest prison to escape in bitlife?

In BitLife, escaping prison might be challenging, especially if you’re just starting. The guard moves twice for each move you make, which is crucial to escaping the game. He only makes movements in your direction and first tries to walk horizontally.

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