How To Get Spoils Of Conquest Destiny 2

Spoils of conquest is a new form of currency introduced in Destiny 2. This currency helps the players to purchase new raid exotic weapons in the game. 

These weapons are found on the way from Monument to Lost Kiosk in the Tower. Although you will require a lot of spoils to purchase these weapons. Thus, your only resort is to start farming spoils.

Worry no more about How to get spoils of conquest destiny 2, we have answers to all your questions and doubts.

Understand What Are Spoils Of Conquest Destiny 2

Before actually getting to acquire destiny 2 spoils of conquest. You must first understand what are these spoils and how can they be used in the game and to achieve what. 

How To Get Spoils Of Conquest Destiny 2
Understand What Are Spoils Of Conquest Destiny 2

Spoils of Conquest are a special and new currency that’s been initiated in the game Destiny 2’s Beyond Light Expansion.

These spoils can be used to purchase various items like Vault of glass gear, Deep Stone Crypt Gear and older raid Exotics. 

In order to complete the collection players will require hundreds of spoils, if they want to obtain all the raid exotic. 

In The Game How Many Spoils Of Conquest Per Raid Can I Get?  

Are you thinking about How to get spoils of conquest destiny 2? First, let us see how many spoils of conquest can you earn per raid.

In Destiny 2 spoils of conquest only drop from raids. Every raid allows you to get x5 spoils each. Here we have provided you with a list of spoils that you can get via various raids-

RaidSpoil Amount
Vow of the Disciple (Encounter)x5
Vow of the Disciple (Hidden Chest)x5
Vault of Glass (Subsequent Encounters)x5
Vault of Glass (Hidden Chest)x5
Legacy raid encountersx5

Know Exactly Where To Get Spoils Of Conquest  

The best location to look for Spoils of Conquest is the Vault of Glass and  Vow of Disciple. Apart from these two, the ideal Spoils of Conquest farm is the Templar encounter in the Vault of Glass Raid.

Once you and your teammates are able to kill the Templar quickly, it becomes the easiest and best spoil farm in the game.       

Earning Spoils Of Conquest Solo

If you want to farm Templar or raiding in general, it is completely possible for you to earn spoils of conquest solo. 

On opening the first hidden chest in particular raids, you will be able to earn a healthy sum of spoils of conquest solo. We have listed all the hidden chests accessible to solo players here-

Hidden ChestsSpoils
Vow of Disciple (1st Chest)x5
Vault of Glass (1st Chest)x5

If you are willing to farm the Vow Chests on three characters, you will earn 15 spoils of conquest every week. And if you are willing to use an outbound glitch in VoG, you can always increase the gains to 30 spoils of Conquest per week. 

Get The Hack Of How To Get Spoils Of Conquest Destiny 2 Solo

If you have understood what are spoils of conquest destiny 2, then now let’s find out how to get Spoils of Conquest solo. There are two ways to discover solo chests and here will discuss them-

  • Vow of Disciple Solo Chest – This chest is located in the opening barge section. You require to destroy three Darkness Fragments to access this chest. From the last shard, turn around and directly drive across.

Now you’ll find an open building door, revealing a small chest inside. Here will get 5 spoils each time.

  • Vault of Glass Solo Chest – To access this chest you will require to use an out-of-bound glitch. It is possible to go solo in the opening encounter, but the glitch makes this farm much faster than usual.

This will also grant the same amount of Spoils of Conquest as the Vow of Disciple Solo Chest.

Exactly How To Use Spoils Of Conquest Destiny 2?

If we have been able to answer all your other questions, then let us tell you where can you be spending spoils of conquest destiny 2.

You can use Spoils of Conquest mainly to purchase Deep Stone Crypt Gear, Vault of Glass Gear and older raid Exotics. These are great weapons that will help you throughout the game. 

What About Destiny 2 Exotic Ciphers? 

Exotic Ciphers are rare currency types that are very recently introduced in Destiny 2. They allow the player to purchase Exotics from previous years in Destiny 2’s lifespan. 

These can also be used to buy Additional Fated Engram from Xur every week. Exotic Ciphers are primarily used to stock up on exotic weapons.

How To Get Spoils Of Conquest Destiny 2
What About Destiny 2 Exotic Ciphers? 

There are two methods to collect Exotic Ciphers: Levelling the Season Pass and Completing the Quests for Xur.

Levelling the Season Pass is much easier as it happens passively, although you can just earn one cipher this way.

On the other hand, if you are looking to fill out their Exotic collection, completing the quests for Xur is strongly recommended. 

Spoils Of Conquest Drop Rates

As we have discussed earlier regarding how many spoils you can get per raid and How to get spoils of conquest destiny 2, let us now look at the drop rates of Spoils of Conquest. 

Currently, the Season of the Risen and Vow of the Disciple is the most recent Destiny 2 raid and when you encounter them, they all drop five Spoils of Conquests when cleared. 

Even their hidden chests also drop 5 spoils a piece, which further allows you to get up to 30 spoils of conquest per raid clear.  

If you clear subsequent raids you will get spoils, and hidden chests will not give any additional loot. The same is the case for the Vault of Glass raid; hidden chests and subsequent raids will also give Spoils of Conquest. 


1. Can you buy spoils of conquest Destiny 2?

Although not a lot of players are heard to buy spoils of Conquest Destiny 2. Although, yes you can purchase spoils.

Go to the website called Blazing Boost, and there they have several packs of spoils that you can purchase. The basic pack consists of 24 spoils of Conquest and costs 12.00 €.

2. How do you get the spoils of conquest 2 Solo 2021?

The only way to acquire farming spoils of conquest is to first clear the Vault of glass raid multiple times.

Once after completing the raid, complete the same encounter again with the same character and that will bring you five spoils instead an item. 

There is no such limit to gaining spoils this way. 

3. How many spoils of conquest do you get per raid?

A hidden chest allows you to have five spoils a piece, and that lets you earn about 30 spoils of conquest per raid. 

To Summarize

Thus, playing Destiny 2 can be an amazing experience if you know about Spoils of Conquest. We have provided you with all the details regarding Spoils of Conquest in this article.

Hope we have been able to answer your question of How to get spoils of conquest destiny 2 successfully. 

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