How To Get Started in Esports

Fascinating, exhilarating, exciting – there is no sport like esports. Having gained immense popularity in just a few years and become a global entertainment phenomenon, the industry has grown beyond everyone’s expectations.

Not too long ago, gaming or esports was not even considered a career. It was just a few gamers competing in a local multiplayer session over a few drinks. However, in recent years, the esports scene has modified drastically. Now you earn not only money while playing video games but also recognition and fame.   

If you want to get started in Esport games, then this article is for you!

Invest In The Right Tools

Having the right tools is essential to getting the job done efficiently. For a professional gamer, the right tools are either a gaming console or a PC. Choosing between a gaming console and a computer is the first important choice that you will have to make before beginning your esports career. 

Although both have their advantages and disadvantages and require a sizable investment, it all really comes down to personal preference and the game that you want to play. 

Choose the Game

Another important decision before you get started in esports is to choose the game you want to play professionally. It is very rare for a pro gamer to excel at multiple games. Typically, players choose a particular game and dedicate themselves to it entirely. You should choose one that you enjoy and can play for hours without getting bored. 

There are several games played in tournaments, with some having more prestige and larger prize money. If you choose a more popular game like League of Legends, you will be going up against a lot of competition. 

Practice, Practice, Practice

Some professional gamers have been reported to spend up to 14 hours a day playing video games, trying to become better so that they can win a championship. 

Whether you decide to become a professional streamer or competitor, practicing your chosen video game is imperative for success. You will need to spend hours playing to really understand every aspect of the game, including the rules, characters, weapons, and maps. 

The best way to practice is to play the game as much as possible, and you can set up matches against the computer to never be short of competition. This also helps you test new techniques and skills before using them online or in tournaments. 

Competing online is another great way to practice your game. It does not necessarily have to be in online competitions; you can just play casual matches with players from all over the world. This will also help you realize where you stand as a professional gamer.  

Remember that even if you can beat your friends, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are ready to win international tournaments. It is best to treat every online game seriously as you are not just improving your gaming skills but your ranking as well. 

Most online games come with a worldwide ranking system, and you want to ensure your place in the top 200 as those are the players that professional esports teams are looking to recruit. 

Reading the rule books, looking up guides of other professional players, or watching their streaming channels can also help you improve your game. If you want to pursue a pro gaming career seriously, continuous training and practice are essential!

Climb The Ladder

You can only become a pro gamer if you have a strong desire to excel at every aspect of the competition. This means climbing the ladder in matchmaking, topping the scoreboard in pick-up groups, and being the best in all the competing teams. 

Each esport has its own system of bringing in new players, and you should be familiar with the hierarchy practiced at these games. For instance, in CS:GO, a player can reach the leagues and tournaments only after he has played in public games and matchmaking tournaments. 

Join a Team  

After establishing your reputation as a serious competitor, join a team. Playing alongside gamers with different skill sets or who are better players will provide you with a got opportunity to develop your understanding of the game. 

If you are a talented player,  then you’ll find that a team will approach you. But if you are not, you can always look for teams who need to recruit new members. For example, Teamfind has tools and forums for players and teams to communicate. Steam groups, Discord servers, and Subreddits also serve as recruitment grounds for amateur teams.

Dota 2 and CS:GO are team-based games where players need to have the same mindset. So find a group of players you can bond with and a role that you like to ensure that your team reaches the top. Even for solo games such as StarCraft 2 and Hearthstone, connecting with a like-minded community is the best option.    

Get Noticed 

Becoming an accomplished pro gamer is only half the battle. It is vital to make connections that will make it easier to climb the competitive ladder. Focus on networking once you become a part of more competitive lobbies. Use your ranking as a worthy opponent to connect with quality players.

Having a good relationship with world-class players is sure to result in better things, such as invitations to private Discord channels. This will give you a chance to play in private scrims and interact with elite players.   


Becoming a pro gamer is not an easy task. In addition to complete dedication, it requires years of practice and hard work. To evolve as a world-class player, it is vital to apply a versatile approach to training which includes increasing your knowledge of the game, developing social skills, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and searching for positive sources of motivation.  

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