Guide: How To Get To Mechagon?

Warm greetings to Mainlanders from World of Warcraft! After Mechagon and Nazjatar were added to the map of Kul Tiras, are you wondering about how to get to Mechagon and enjoy a new gaming experience? We know …

how to get to mechagon

Warm greetings to Mainlanders from World of Warcraft! After Mechagon and Nazjatar were added to the map of Kul Tiras, are you wondering about how to get to Mechagon and enjoy a new gaming experience?

We know you want to, and that’s why you are here! In this short guide, we will explore how do you get to Mechagon in Shadowlands with the help of four easy steps and much more.

how to get to mechagon
how to get to mechagon

It gives brief details about all new features of the zone such as vanity items, battle pets, rares& treasures, daily quests, a new faction, blueprints, construction projects, and gameplay system.

So let the fun quest begin!

How To Reach Mechagon?

A player can unlock Mechagon as a part of completing the Nazjatar unlock questline. Haven’t unlocked Mechagon in any character yet?

No worries!

Here are four easy steps outlined to Get to WoW’s Mechagon:

How To Get To Mechagon: Unlock The Starting Quest

First thing first, you will have to unlock the beginning quest that will lead you to the new task that takes you to Mechagon.

Yes, that’s right!

But before opting for unlocking the starting quest, do not forget to get to Achievement, i.e., “The Heart Forge”. And in order to complete the achievement, you will have to arrive in the area in Nazjatar.

Plus, the intro questline will be available as soon as you set foot in Nazjatar. You will have to start from there until you open the portal for Dazalalor/Boralus and Dazar’alor (Horde) respectively.

how to get to mechagon

From there, you must run to Tiragarde Sound and enter the vault to Mechagon.

Once you complete, a Magni pop will appear in that area. It will help you to give the next other quests for getting benefits and completing them. Later on, at the starting of the quest, you will end up with the achievement “The Heart Forge” with the help of Magni.

Then, also remember to check the Minimap for new quests near the location. Both Horde and Alliance have NPC, which will help you to begin the quest and take you to Mechagon.

How To Get To Mechagon: Unlock World Quest In Nazjatar

In the second step, there is a short quest that you have to complete to travel to the new zone for the first time.

You will have to unlock the World Quest in Nazjatar. To begin, you need to start and complete the quest in Mezzamere (Alliance) or Newhome (Horde). The quest is known as “Fame Waits for Gnome One” or “Rumors of Mechagon.”

Once you complete the quest, you will get the reward called “Unlock World Quests.”

What does it do?

This reward will help you to grab various advantages from it and reach another quest to complete your quests.

how to get to mechagon

How To Get ToMechagon: Head To Mechagon

It is the third and final step to move to Mechagon. Now that you have completed all the quests, it is time to head towards your goal.

If you are one of the Horde players, then you will have to go to Dazar’alor in Zuldazar. Next, you will have to go after the flight master called TinkmasterOverspark or Gazlowe. There, you may even get a chance to see a new mapquest.

One can use Flight Master’s Whistle Flight Master’s Whistle to reach flight master in this area. While running, you may also spot goblins. If you are lost, you can see a new quest in the minimap, which is marked with an exclamation point.

The new mapquest will help you to have some new quests to gain new experiences. NPC, also called Gazlowe allows you to complete the quests and helps you to have Horde or Alliance.

Next, you can fly from Mechagon to all your unlocked flight points on Kul Tiras. Plus, it is really important to return to Boralus / Port of Zandalar.

Now, you will have to finish the starting quest known as “The Legend of Mechagon”.

If you wish, then your character can travel to the new island without finishing the previous quests. However, you won’t see a questline after you arrive at the location, and the Flight Master will be missing too.

Cheers! Now you’ve reached Mechagon! The above guide is the solution to those who were asking, “How do I get to Mechagon?

Now that you have reached the location, let’s find out where is the entrance to Mechagon?

Well, to reach the final boss is King Mechagon, you will have to locate the entrance of the dungeon, which is located in Rustbolt.

Next, you will try to understand how to unlock Mechagon after reaching the entrance.

how to get to mechagon

Well, to unlock it, you will have to start Nazjatar. You can get the chance to go there for the first time when you are in Alliance or Horde.

How To Get To Mechagon: Explore The Inside Of The Island

Previously, Mechagon was an unknown land for World of Warcraft players. However, after Kul Tiran excavators, opened a closed vault, a radio transmitter that sends signals to Mechagon was found.

As soon as you arrive at this location, you will notice that the island is filled with pools of grease and oil, junks of mechanical tools, as well as dead robots.

Puzzled and thinking, who sent the signal to the Kul Tiran excavators? Well, get ready to receive a piece of shocking news!

The island isn’t completely dead, and Mechagnomes are living in a gnomish society. Interestingly, these bring are fascinated with the mechanical world and are trying to replace their body parts with mechanical stuff.

Interesting right?

Since technology plays a major role for them so, they are determined by the number of mechanical body parts you have. King Mechagon was the cause behind this, and anyone with flesh would be turned into robotic items to restore the race of their Titans.

In this storyline, your key goal will be to resist the King, and get help from the king’s son itself who is fighting against the king too!

Have you traveled far and want to return?

Then you must be definitely wondering, “How do I get back to Mechagon?”

Then, keep reading to find the answers!

Easy Way To Return To Mechagon

  • Horde Players can return to Mechagon anytime they want, and all they have to do is talk to Captain Krooz at the Port of Zandalar.
  • Then, you can head to the area where you took a boat to Mechagon.
  • On the other hand, Alliance players can travel to Boralus in Tiragard Sound.

The rest of the steps are similar to the how-to get to Mechagon horde quest.

Our Final Thoughts About How To Get To Mechagon Horde

So that was all about how do you start the Mechagon quest. We are sure that our quick and easy guide will help you to unlock your next quests. Aside from this, you can also enhance your knowledge by following the above points and completing all the quests in WoW. It will not only help you to open all-new quests but also allow you to know about other things such as their names and more. Lastly, make sure to check out all the necessary details before starting the quest, or else you will get into any trouble. And keep coming back to our site for the latest news related to games.

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