Step-By-Step Guide: Making Time In Little Alchemy 2!

The game, Little Alchemy 2 let players experiment with different things and create new ones. So, the Time element is considered one of the most essential

things in the game. You can make 20 different things using Time in Little Alchemy 2. That is why you should know how to make Time in Little Alchemy 2. 

But, you can’t make time using any combination in Little Alchemy 2. Instead, you have to achieve a specific target to unlock time. 

Key Takeaways:-
  • Little Alchemy 2 does not allow players to make time using any combination. 
  • However, players can make at least 100 items to unlock and access the Time element.
  • This article will tell you the combinations that help you unlock Time in Little Alchemy 2. 

So, stay tuned and know how to get Time in Little Alchemy 2. 

List Of Combinations To Make Time In Little Alchemy 2

Making the Time element in Little Alchemy 2 is a bit different. Creating 100 pieces in the game will be considered your progress to access the Time element in this game. So, how do you make Time in Little Alchemy 2?

In this section, I will tell you the combinations that will help you to unlock Time in Little Alchemy 2.  

  1. Combine Fire and Fire- Energy
  2. Combine Earth and Fire- Lava
  3. Combine Earth and Water- Mud
  4. Combine Water and Water- Puddle
  5. Combine Puddle and Puddle- Pond
  6. Combine Pond and Pond- Lake
  7. Combine Lake and Lake- Sea
  8. Combine Sea and Earth- Primordial Soup
  9. Combine Primordial Soup and Enery- Life
  10. Combine Air and Air- Pressure
  11. Combine Air and Pressure- Wind
  12. Combine Earth and Earth-Land
  13. Combine Continent and Continent- Planet
  14. Combine Planet and Air- Atmosphere
  15. Combine Atmosphere and Water- Cloud 
  16. Combine Cloud and Water- Rain
  17. Combine Soil and Rain- Plant
  18. Combine Plant and Earth- Grass
  19. Combine Plant, Fire, and Ash- Tobacco
  20. Combine Life and Land- Animal and Soil
  21. Combine Could and Plant- Cotton
  22. Combine Cotton and Cotton- Thread
  23. Combine Lava and Air- Stone
  24. Combine Stone and Mud- Clay
  25. Combine Clay and Life- Human
  26. Combine Human and Human- Love and Family
  27. Combine Animal and Air- Bird
  28. Combine Planet and Fire- Sun
  29. Combine Sun and Plant- Sunflower and Oxygen
  30. Combine Human and Stone- Tool
  31. Combine Tool and Sun- SolarCell and Sundial
  32. Combine Life and Fire- Phoenix
  33. Combine Phoenix and Phoenix-Egg
  34. Combine Mud and Fire- Brick
  35. Combine Brick and Brick- Wall
  36. Combine Wall and Wall- House
  37. Combine Sea and Egg- Roe and Fish
  38. Combine Bird and Wall- Birdhouse and Birdcage
  39. Combine Metal and Stone- Blade
  40. Combine Blade and Human- Blood and Corpse
  41. Combine Blade and Metal- Sword
  42. Combine Sword and Human- Warrior
  43. Combine Grass and Wall-Ivy
  44. Combine Sun and Water- Rainbow
  45. Combine Rainbow and Bird- Peacock and Toucan
  46. Combine Plant and Rainbow- Flower
  47. Combine Flower and Animal- Butterfly and Bee
  48. Combine Lava and Pressure- Eruption and Granite
  49. Combine Flower and Wind- Leaf and Pollen
  50. Combine Plant and Human- Farmer
  51.  Combine House and Farmer- farm
  52. Combine Farm and House- Barn
  53. Combine Barn and Animal- Livestock. 
  54. Combine Livestock and Barn- Cow and Horse
  55. Combine Earth and Metal- Plow
  56. Combine Barn and Egg- Chicken
  57. Combine Philosophy and House- Container
  58. Combine Container and Nest- Tree
  59. Combine Container and Flower- Garden and Vase
  60. Combine Tree and farmer- Fruit and Nuts
  61. Combine Wood and Container- Bucket and Fireplace
  62. Combine Sword and Tree- Wood
  63. Combine Wood and Fire- Campfire and Charcoal
  64. Combine Campfire and House- BBQ
  65.  Combine Tool and Tool- Machine
  66. Combine Machine and Thread- Swing machine and Thread
  67. Combine Animal and Human- Domestication
  68. Combine Domestication and Plant- Vegetable
  69. Combine Vegetables and Human- Cook

Final Thoughts

So, that’s it! Make these 100 elements to unlock Time in Little Alchemy 2. You can make Alcohol, Bone, Coal, Cheese, and other items using Time. All the best! 

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