How To Play Darkest Dungeon On Android?

If you are looking to experience the most amazing treasure hunting game Darkest Dungeon on your Android device then Here’s how this is possible.

What’s Darkest Dungeon is all About? Well, it’s a creative turn-based drawn RPG inspired by Dark Comics. 

To give uniqueness and make this game distinct from the other similar treasure hunting games is the feature that creates a unique mental state of your characters in the gameplay. 

The Gameplay begins when your heroes enter into the CAVE and get afraid of the horrors they see inside. In some cases, you HEROES can even develop different phases of phobias like fear from DARK. 

That’s all about the famous game Darkest Dungeon, and to download it on your Android device just visit the PLAY MARKET available on your device. 

And to have a clear idea about the game-

Let’s Get Started with the very first thing that you should know- 

Darkest Dungeon Curio Guide- 

The Darkest Dungeon has wide mythos-scourged areas filled up with twisted insane cultists, pig creatures and yes of course with dangerous traps. 

Later in the game, you will notice a wide range of objects coming in your way and these are called Curios. These Curios are things that need to be investigated and explored. 

The game is all about taking care of everything that you are going to interact with. That means you don’t have to rush or do things frequently as there’s no reloading to an early save. 

We have discussed many more things from the Darkest Dungeon Guide in this read that you should know about. 

So, keep on rolling your eyes on this read and end up with everything wrapped up about this game in your mind. Starting with- 

How To Play Darkest Dungeon On Android?
How To Play Darkest Dungeon On Android?

Eerie Coral Darkest Dungeon

This is the gamers first wish as Medicinal Herbs. This surely gonna surprise you after we confirm that this medicinal herb has a 100% chance of reducing stress by 5 points. 

And this isn’t limited here, Eerie Coral will also give a curing 5 health points in return.

Other Stats- 

  • It has a 50% chance of reducing Stress Level by 10 points.
  • There’s a 25% chance that nothing is going to happen.
  • Also, there’s a 25% chance of increasing stress by 25 points. 

This was all about the Eerie Coral the medicinal herb, now have a look on- 

Abomination Darkest Dungeon- 

If you don’t know then let us make you aware that Abomination has two different and unique sets of abilities. The change in abilities depends on the need and whenever Abomination switches form using Transform.

Also, it will not be counted into some action while getting Transformed into the Beast. This because the game allows the Abomination a very unique feature to use any other skill and Transform on the same turn. 

Is It Possible To Transform Back Into Human Form? Unfortunately, a NO, as because you cannot use Transform again for the duration of the battle. 

Want To Know More About Abomination? Great! Here we have something more about Abomination that you should know.

When a battle finally ends up Abomination gets Transform from his Beast form. There’s no manual command for this Transformation and he changes back to his Human form. 

One more case is there where the Abomination can return to the Human form. And this is when unfortunately he suffers an Affliction during a battle in his Beast form.

Note- For every turn in his Beast form Abomination will suffer 6 Stress. And this figure doesn’t include the turn when he transforms.

Shard Dust Darkest Dungeon-

Talking about its availability the Shard Dust is available in the item list of “The Color of Madness DLC.” Which can be bought from the Provision menu. 

What’s The Cost? Well, the cost is to be paid with Comet Shards not using the Gold. BE CAREFUL WITH THIS!

The Shard Dust when used can cause unpredicted stress damage and also debuffs. But what’s good with it is that it can give heroes a powerful DMG, and SPD.

Note- If you use it enough, the CRIT buff for a time.

Depending on how many times you use the Shard Dust the effect goes varying consecutively. 

Where does the effect vary? The effect varies majorly in the duration of the buffs. And the variation is fixed with a slight decrease after each use. More to this the severity of the stress is also obtained after each use. 

It’s USE? The main use of Shard Dust is to refresh and regain the limited use skills. The primary skill is the Man-at-Arms’ Bolster. Shard Dust allows you to use those skills multiple times in any battle.

Be careful the debuffs from Shard Dust at any cost cannot be removed. This clearly means you have to be prepared for stress buildup in case you are using  Shard Dust on any high-length dungeons.

How To Play Darkest Dungeon On Android?
How To Play Darkest Dungeon On Android?

Darkest Dungeon Flagellant

Flagellant the term made flesh whenever there comes a thing named ‘weaponized suffering.’ 

You will be surprised to know that this man is unique if you compare him to any other available classes. And this because of the only reason, he thrives on the ruin of his complete body as well as his mind. 

Rapturous the only Affliction the Flagellant can acquire. And this also when he is dead in the Farmstead’s endless mode. 

The final figure after the affliction is like +25% DMG, -20 DODGE and +3 SPD. 

Whom He Can Attack While Rapturous? As Rapturous the Flagellant will more often attack random enemies and targets. These include- Other Party Members, or in some cases even Himself.

Do you know that when the Flagellant has a deep fall below 40% HP, he immediately receives a buff and the buff is for  +7% CRIT and +20% DMG. Also, when the Flagellant clears his way to the Death’s Door, he gives a high 10% healing to every other member of their maximum HP.

Additional to this Flagellant will never receive any Recovery debuffs, but he can obtain very low debuffs from heart attacks.

There are two other major drawbacks of Flagellant that we are going to discuss below – 

Flagellant for Stress Relief cannot gain any negative Quirks. These negative Quirks restrict him to other town activities. 

If you think Flagellant can embark with any other Flagellant then let us make you clear that it’s totally wrong. As per Flagellant “the burden of suffering cannot be shared.”

This is all that we know about the Flagellant. But do you know- 

What’s Ship’s Figurehead Darkest Dungeon Means? 

If there’s a NO, then don’t worry we can help you out with mentioning Everything that you must know about it-  

    • Category- Cove
    • Tag- Reflective
    • Location- Rooms
    • Location Description- This curio has the ability to appear only inside rooms.
  • Cleansing
    • Non-Cleansing Interaction Chances- This has an accurate figure that says- 66.7% Stress Heal 25. 33.3% Buff +20% DMG, +4 SPD.
  • Looting
    • May Cause Bleed or we can say Blight? -No
  • Should I Loot? Always Loot.

Now, moving ahead with the most asked questions in game communities related to-

The Courtyard 

What’s This? Where do you find it? Well, The Courtyard in the game will be Initially introduced with the Crimson Court DLC and for sure you will realise later how difficult it is. 

This isn’t similar to the other dungeons, also the maps which are going to be seen in this will not be generated randomly. Apart from this, Maps are really large in size.

But what’s good with this is that all monsters which you are going to face here have the ability to give crimson curse to your heroes.

Now, here comes the situation where you can take things for granted in a way that every single hero which you will send on a mission is going to come back cursed.

In the Courtyard Curios, you will notice a situation name the- 

Pile of strange bones Darkest Dungeon which leads to the following situations-  

Use the Bandages-

How To Play Darkest Dungeon On Android?
How To Play Darkest Dungeon On Android?

In this, you will get a 50% chance to find any loot. And also the best part that you will also get x1 in the strange bones!


  • Bleed (50%)
  • Loot x2 (20%)
  • Disease (20%)
  • Nothing (20%)

Then comes the most confusing- 

Baron Map Darkest Dungeon

The Boron Map will guide you when you start your adventure in the centre-west.

On the Map, you will find that the very first  

goal you will look for is to somehow get the precious red key to the south. 

After completing this just go back and when you are at the centre once again simply start moving in the east to reach the big intersection.

In a similar manner now go get the blue key to the south, and then the yellow key to the north. After this, you just have to return to the centre to move to the right side. 

Great! You Are There. Now, the only key left is the green key to get. Why Is This Key Special? This is because the Green Key is the only key that can give access to the fight against the Baron. 

At the end simply step back near the centre and then move to the right side. Yes, you will now face the boss!

That’s it! What’s Next? Get ready we are going to explore everything about the- 

Darkest Dungeon Weald

But before this, Did you know that the Weald in the Darkest Dungeon is the second dungeon in the game that can be explored. 

If you are in search of the Hamlet then the only road to this is to pass through these woods. This makes it a very important area to cleanse in the Game. 

What Makes It Unique? If you look deep into its stats you will find that the Weald plays host to a wide-spread that results in the unnatural fungal infestation.

After this, the next important thing we are going to discuss is about the-

How To Play Darkest Dungeon On Android?
How To Play Darkest Dungeon On Android?

Darkest Dungeon Cove- 

Well, this is something very interesting. The Cove is the water-logged nightmare and also the second to last dungeon in the game that can be explored. 

Pelagic Horrors, which’s once used for unsavoury deliveries by the Ancestor fill the Cove.

The Cove was once used by the Ancestor to deliver some of his high and confidential controversial artefacts as a delivery medium. 

More to this also gets a location to perform his pacts. The pacts that he has to perform with the ancient beings in the water during the time when all collected money was scarce. 

Cove Strategy- 

Cove indeed has a target eliminating ability. Where depending on the party’s Stress Level and also their Health the order of elimination varies.

Let us explain this in-depth. Considering the Finishing Groupers this is a party with very low health means will be targeted first. In a reverse case if the party Stress Level reaches a very high mark then there will be swift and the target back-row shamans. 

Note- Just as a recommendation from us you should first kill the Thrall and no matter What’s the situation is simply kill it as soon as possible. 

And after killing the next you have to do is to leave maggots, heavily armoured enemies, and stingers for last. As because they are not as dangerous as low armoured rivals.

Did we missed out something? Yes, we haven’t explained about Warrens. 

Here it is-  

Warrens Darkest Dungeon

After the Weald, it’s the Warrens that need to be explored as a third dungeon. Warrens is the Darkest Dungeon is an amazing and undoubtedly an ancient system of aqueducts. 

Aqueducts are ancient tunnels built for unknown purposes.

Final Words-

Darkest Dungeon is among the top treasure hunting games, and it’s very essential to know everything about this game before you begin. We in our read have covered almost everything about this game as a complete guide. 

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