How To Rest (sleep) In Sons Of The Forest?

Just like all other survival games, in the game Sons of the Forest, you also need to rest. And to rest, you need to build a shelter. Taking rest is essential to regain your stamina as well as to survive the nightmares that you will have to face on the island of the game.

If you do not know how to rest in Sons of the Forest by building a shelter in the game Sons of the Forest, read my article. Because here I shall state to you everything about taking rest and building a shelter to fulfill that purpose.

So, let’s start!

Sons of the Forest: How to Get Rest & Shelter

One of the most important things that you have to do is to make a shelter in the game Sons of the Forest. But do you know why this is so important? It is important because it helps you to survive in the game. If you do not take a rest, you cannot survive in the game.

If you refuse to take rest and keep playing all the time, your stamina level will be reduced to the lowest level, which you certainly do not want. And if your stamina level reduces below the minimum level, you will die in the game. 

Moreover, if you die without saving your game, then you will definitely repent because then you will lose every data of your game.

That is why you always have to take a rest and give a few break points to your game.

Before you make a shelter and take a rest, you must ensure that the flow of your essential rations does not hamper. You must have stock of everything you need.

Then it comes to making the best base possible. To do that, you can go for the flashing green dots on your map of yours in the game. These green flashing dots indicate the cave systems. You might get beds or sleeping bags too in these caves.

The best part of these sleeping bags is, though these might be vulnerable to sudden attacks, sleeping bags are one of the best points where you can take shelter and sleep

Building Shelters in Sons of the Forest

If you are playing the game in multiplayer mode, all the players have to agree to take a rest and sleep. All of you should take food and drinking water because, at the time of sleeping, the food and water meter goes down.

You should avoid uniquely constructed houses and pre-designed cabins to take shelter. You should try those tents, or those caves instead. So use tents, or use those green flashing dots on your map to find out some cave areas to take shelter and take a rest.

The Final Words

So, to take a rest, you must find out a proper shelter where you can sleep peacefully, and do not forget to collect food and water before going to sleep.

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