One of the most widely used methods of watching video content is streaming. You must set up a server on your computer or phone in order to begin streaming. This manual demonstrates how to set up and configure a simple server.

Discord is a free voice and text chat programme that enables you to make private chat rooms where you may communicate with loved ones and people from your community.

Along with these features, the service provides file sharing, audio and video chatting, and group chats. For some features that serve to improve the user experience, even more, you can even add bots.

How about the Nintendo Switch, though? Even while Nintendo Switch isn’t the most popular console among die-hard gamers, it is a fantastic one.

It never gets old to play your favourite Nintendo Switch games: Mario, Zelda, Animal Crossing, and other unique Nintendo brands are the best there are.

So, Can I use this device to stream on Discord? You will need a computer or laptop to stream via Switch because there isn’t a specific Discord app, but it is feasible.

With this article, you will be able to learn more about the streaming switch to discord and what you’ll need to stream switch to discord.

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Step 1: Setting up your Switch

Before turning on the power, you must first make sure the port isn’t connected to a television or monitor. Your Nintendo Switch is currently prepared for docking. For a more reliable connection, connect the Switch to your computer or another station using the USB cable that comes with it. 

Step 2: Use an HDMI splitter to connect the switch and the capture card.

 You must now link your capture card to your network console. For the following step, you must have your HDMI splitter. such that there are two displays, one on the console and the other on the TV. Remove one HDMI cable and unplug the HDMI splitter (either from the switch or Television, not both). Make sure the capture card is attached before proceeding.

Step 3: Connecting your laptop or computer to the capture card 

Connect your PC’s HDMI connector to your capture card. You should be able to connect your capture card to a television using the HDMI connector on the back of the device. Utilize the USB 2.0 cable provided to connect a laptop or desktop computer. Feel free to stream Nintendo Switch content using OBS. Any screen device with a standard HDMI connector will work, to reiterate.

Step 4: Configure OBS

You must now set up OBS on your device. Game Capture is a drop-down menu that is available. You can record data from the Nintendo Switch using this option.

Step 5: Set up the stream key 

 Your unique stream key should display in a little box as soon as you switch to game capture mode. The key you received must now be entered in the Stream Key area in the settings of your Discord server. By choosing “View on Web” from the game browser menu in your browser, you can watch the stream there.

Step 6: Configure the Split Screen Rulers 

 You must use split-screen rulers to arrange your stream in this phase. Under Video Transitions in the Tools section, there is a Split Screen option. The ruler will show up at the bottom of your screen, as you may have noticed.

After aligning the ruler with the game’s centre, click “Apply.” The number of seconds shown in the rulers can also be modified. either prior to or following the conclusion of the game.

Step 7: Customize the OBS Settings 

You’ll be prepared to fine-tune OBS when you’ve finished these pre-streaming tasks. This is what we do to raise the standard.

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What You’ll Need To Stream Switch To Discord

You need to get some things set up before we begin the guide on how to stream from your Switch to Discord. What you need to include is as follows:

  • A video capture card

A video card with the necessary USB C connections is required, along with a few options found on most HDMI capture cards.

While some individuals purchase an additional audio card for audio inputs, we advise you to visit an electronics store and request a video card that allows internet streaming instead. The staff members will know what to do.

  • VLC Media Player or software for video capture cards

You must choose the streaming software you want to employ. For this, some traditional programmes, like OBS Studio, are ideal. This will depend on the card you select in either case.

You will still need to follow the same procedure whether it comes with the same software or not. You may stream Nintendo Switch to Discord by utilising the original VLC player.

  • Downloaded Discord app

Discord is much more than just a chat application. You can utilise the desktop version of Discord instead of the browser or mobile versions because it is far more effective.

To go Live on Discord, you can either start your own private room or join an existing one. Text channels will not show on the Switch screen, only voice channels will.

You are now prepared to learn how to stream Switch games on Discord if you have these items at your disposal.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will, I Have Enough Storage If I Wish To Stream Multiple Games?
The 32 GB of internal storage that the Nintendo Switch has might not be adequate for your needs. In order to avoid having to remove games to make space, it could be worthwhile to purchase a Micro SD card.

2. How to stream Switch on Discord with OBS
We require the OBS Studio plugin- OBS Virtualcam- to stream in Discord with OBS as a source, as opposed to streaming in Discord without OBS.

Guide On: How to stream Nintendo Switch?

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