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Important Things to Know About Apps Mod APK




You must have heard many of your friends using mod APK apps. But do you know what it is? Or what is it used for?

Many of you are confused about original apps and mod APKs. Just to be clear both are different. A mod APK may look the same as an original app and also have the same features, but they are not the same.

Mod APK files come with various benefits and features that you don’t get from the original app. It is because of this reason that many users download apps mods APK from the web.

In this post, we will discuss everything important that you need to know about mod APKs.

What are modded APKs?

To put it in simple words, mod APKs are not official apps. They are modded versions of the original app and comes with many extra features.

Almost all games and other apps have mod APKs available on third-party sites. Let’s say, you have download a game from Playstore. It has some locked features and to unlock them you need to spend real money. However, you can use these locked features without paying a single penny by downloading a modded version of the app.

These modded apps are developed by qualified developers who make edits to the elements inside the app. They enable a locked or limited feature of the original app and then recompile it.

Both original and modded versions share the same interface and features. The only difference is that the modded app comes with all features unlocked. To install modded apps, you will have to find a reliable source online. That’s because these types of apps are not available in the Playstore.

Are modded apps legal to use?

As already mentioned above modded apps are not official apps. In most cases, they come with unlocked features, which are available in in-app purchases of the official apps.

Apps have locked features because it helps the developers to earn money, every time someone makes a purchase. This means modded apps are not in the best interest of the original creator of the app.

In case, you didn’t know there are copyright laws for it. Most of these laws are aimed at the distributors and not users. This means downloading modded apps is not illegal. However, users can be tracked down when they download a mod app. That’s because the website will record user information like device, IP address, platform, and browser used.

But due to a large number of downloads, it becomes impossible to track down every user. So you don’t have to worry about downloading modded apps. Sometimes developers modify an app just to add some fun.

Can mod apps infect your mobile phone?

Modded apps are downloaded from third-party websites. So there is always a risk of your mobile phone getting infected.

There have been many instances where mobile phones have got infected. This happens when users download malicious apps or malware on their devices.

When you are downloading a mod APK, you don’t know what’s inside the file. This is why you are advised to look for a trusted source to download apps APK. Go to sites that have good user reviews. After all, protecting your device should be a priority.

Some of these safe websites are Redmoonpie.com, Happymod.com, An1.coom, Apkdone.com, etc.

Can using a mod APK get your account suspended or banned?

If you are using a mod APK for an app that requires you to create an account, it can be a problem for you. This is mainly common in gaming apps.

Official apps are usually very strict about the usage of mod APKs. The developers of official apps can detect users using mod apps. If you get caught using the modded version of the app, it can be hard for you to escape it. It is very much possible that the developers will block or suspend your account. In some cases, they suspend your account permanently.

Those who are using apps that don’t require any signup, don’t have to worry about their accounts getting banned.

Mod APK apps are a good solution for people who want to access all the features of an app, but for free. But make sure you download the APK files from a trusted site.



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