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Innersloth announces Among Us 2, the sequel to the quarantined social game




Although it has been available for a couple of years, it was not until these last few months that Among Us, the social title of Innersloth centered on the usual narrative of a group locked up with a secret murderer, has become a true social phenomenon.

As can be seen in its most recent figures on Steam, the video game has experienced exponential growth due to the quarantine, and it has become an extremely efficient method of enjoying with friends in a fun and relaxed way. For all this, its authors have decided to capitalize on the opportunity and have revealed the development of Among Us 2.

Thus, they stated that the original title servers  will remain alive as long as they have enough players to start the games .”

Innersloth announces Among Us 2, the sequel to the quarantined social game
Innersloth announces Among Us 2, the sequel to the quarantined social game

For its part, as far as Among Us 2 is concerned, the game will keep the idea of ​​impostors and innocents, but will add certain changes and modifications. ” For instance, we understand quite well that three imposters require more than 10 contestants to be balanced, so 12 to 15 contestants in games is a goal, ” they stated.

In addition, the matchmaking will be modified to better adapt to the ‘ hide and seek ‘ mode and will have accounts and the possibility of adding friends from launch to facilitate meeting acquaintances. Likewise, they will have a better perspective on aspects such as toxic language in chat and hackers.

Finally, the creators of Among Us 2 integrated various measures that they maintain for the title, which are:

  • Launch it with a discount coupon for owners of Among Us on Steam.
  • That the mobile version is free, but with advertising – which can be removed -.
  • Have great content updates like maps and game modes.
  • Keep an in-game currency to permit performers to purchase or earn what they need.
  • Publish it first on PC, then port it to mobiles.

For more updates, keep reading Nintendo inquirer”.


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