Jax And Daxter Remake Reportedly Being Developed For PS5

A remake of Jak and Daxter for PS5 would be in development, according to the leaker.

This leaker has become moderately known for releasing information about PlayStation 5 such as release date, price and more

There are many fans that Naughty Dog has earned over the years. All thanks to their incredible games that they have made from the Crash Bandicoot saga to The Last of Us, passing through masterpieces like Uncharted and the timeless Jak and Daxter. And it is time to talk about the latter today since an alleged leaker has assured that a remake of Jak and Daxter is on the way.

It was the Twitter user who calls himself Tony Stark who assures that it is a remake and that it is being developed by a PlayStation Studios studio. This leaker has been in the past spilling information about the PlayStation 5, such as its supposed release date, price, and much more.

Jax And Daxter Remake Reportedly Being Developed For PS5
Jax And Daxter Remake Reportedly Being Developed For PS5

Not only does he mention that this new game is in development, but that it will arrive for the launch of PS5, which he says will arrive on November 20 of this year.

The funny thing here is that a few months ago there was also talk about, precisely, a remake of Jak and Daxter, which would arrive for the release of the console and that, in addition, was being developed by Bluepoint Games, who made the remake of Shadow of the Colossus and who have worked with Naughty Dog in the past. And this is the only difference from the current leak, as Bluepoint Games does not belong to PlayStation Studios.

Obviously, it must be clarified that this is just a leak that is far from being official information and details, so we must take it with a grain of salt and hope that, if true, it finally becomes reality. We will keep you informed every day.

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