Jurassic World Evolution Complete Edition Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

Jurassic World Evolution Complete Edition is the edition of this management game based on the Jurassic Park saga, which will arrive with all the extensions to Nintendo Switch on November 3.

Isla Nublar, 120 miles west of Costa Rica. This is the site of Jurassic World, a unique park, where visitors can see real living dinosaurs, thanks to the miracle of genetic engineering. Frontier Development released Jurassic World Evolution based on the latest movies in the series two years ago for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and is now announcing its arrival on Nintendo Switch.

It will be next November 3, when we can get into our pocket these prehistoric monsters in Jurassic World Evolution Complete Edition.

The version for Nintendo Switch will feature the original game and the three-story extensions: The Secrets of Doctor Wu in which we will have to see faces with genetically engineered dinosaurs, such as the Indominus Rex, Claire’s sanctuary, that takes place during the events of the film Jurassic World The Fallen Kingdom, and that allows us to rescue the dinosaurs from the cloudy island during the eruption of the volcano and transfer them to Sanctuary Island.

And all a wink for fans of the saga; Return to Jurassic Park, which takes place after the original Steven Spielberg film, and which proposes us to rebuild the first Jurassic Park, with the help of Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ellie Sattler and the mathematician Ian Malcolm with the original voices in the original version.

In addition to these campaign extensions, Jurassic World Evolution Complete Edition for Nintendo Switch features all the dinosaur packs that have been added through DLC.

Jurassic World Evolution Complete Edition Is Coming To Nintendo Switch
Jurassic World Evolution Complete Edition Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

The list of new creatures includes Dryosaurus, Nigersaurus, Homalocephale, Herrerasaurus, Acrocanthosaurus, Proceratosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus, Iguanodon, Dreadnoghtus, Archaeornithomimus, Styracosaurus, Chrichtonsaurus, Suchomimus, and Majungasaurus. In total, the Nintendo Switch game will feature more than 50 species of dinosaurs.

Jurassic World Evolution is a management game that includes the construction of our own dinosaur park, the investigation of deposits to obtain new DNA chains, incubation of species, maintenance and all the strategic aspects to maintain the health of the reptiles and cope with natural catastrophes and security leaks because, in this park, the attractions can eat the visitors.

The Frontier title makes a difference in two important ways. The first of these is fidelity to the movies. Not only do we find a great recreation of the dinosaurs and the attractions such as the monorail or gyro sphere, but the most ardent fans of Spielberg/Crichton’s work will appreciate that a lot of names, species and visuals are respected starting with the participation of the mathematician of chaos Ian Malcolm Jeff Goldblum.

The second unique aspect of Jurassic World Evolution is that the difficulty curve is prepared to welcome those who have not faced a park manager before. The construction is quite intuitive, and the maintenance of the parks does not get out of hand as easily as in other similar games. In addition, purely business activity is combined with the possibility of going down to the facilities and exploring in the first person to fulfill small tasks.

The icing on this development is the soundtrack, which features iconic John Williams tracks. You can discover much more in our review of Jurassic World Evolution, before the Complete Edition arrives on Nintendo Switch on November 3.

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