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Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone revealed in an advertisement video ahead before the actual launch




With a new and amazing design, the new Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone is all set. We all know that the gaming beast was ready to be announced on July 22. More of that we got a glimpse of the smartphone, where it uncertain appeared in an advertisement. 

This advertisement was shared on Weibo. In this video, we got to see the first impression of the smartphone as well as the new side pop-up front camera. The pop-up camera made it clear that it’s design was decided in such a manner that the camera will seemingly help users to stream while playing. 

Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone

Nevertheless, the video discloses one of the keys accentuate the gaming device will address, its a 144Hz refresh rate display. 

Also, the gaming smartphone will no doubt come up with amazing and new software support which enables the players to stream with a pop-up front camera. 


Every smartphone lover is aware of the that in the gaming phone segment, it’s practically mandatory today, that the smartphone should offer a smooth display with high refresh rates. 

With a very-high 144Hz screen refresh rate for the gaming revolution, Lenovo took this point on the mark and has selected to integrate. Not just for steadier overall system fluidity, it’s something which the gaming revolution need now.

 Additional to this, a short video has seeped online, this video reveals the very first look of the Legion operating system’s stunning interface.

This software will be completely based on the new Lenovo ZUI 12, also with the customisation layer for Android 10. 

It’s sure that smartphone lover won’t miss this that the working Lenovo Legion phone was set with an Avengers-themed wallpaper which looks like a gaming beast. The user then guides to the settings page that discloses the main specifications. 

Featuring 128 GB of internal storage in the UFS 3.0 configuration, the page also indicates the existence of new Snapdragon 865 chipset paired with 6GB of LPDDR5 RAM. 

However, the device version possibly is the cheapest model of the smartphone series, shown in the video. Seems like there’s an updated Lenovo Legion variant for this smartphone known as the “Lenovo Legion Pro” that would probably have 512GB of internal UFS 3.1 storage and 16GB of RAM.

As a gaming giant, the smartphone must be embedded with large battery support of 5,000 mAh with assistance for 90W ultra-fast charging, to continue your gaming experience without any halt. 


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