Logitech G923: Steering Wheel Review For PS4, Xbox One And PC

Analysis of the Logitech G923 steering wheel for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, a luxury peripheral for simulator lovers. This evolution incorporates a new TRUEFORCE technology that improves the sensations of Force Feedback.

The panorama of sim racing eSports, the professional competition in driving simulators, has been growing in recent years. More and more steering wheel mounts, ergonomic chairs, and other accessories appear dedicated to this genre, but steering wheels have not evolved much. That is why we wanted to analyze the Logitech G923 steering wheel, which represents the evolution of the G29 and G920 models which appeared 5 years ago and which incorporates a new HD vibration technology.

It is a high-mid-range steering wheel, as we can see below, and stands out for its quality/price. The official price of the G923 is 399 euros. It seems a bit high priced for us as an entry point if you are just curious to play with a steering wheel, but it is fine for those fans of simulators, who are already looking for something more “serious”.

_____Some Technical specifications:—–

The Logitech G923 steering wheel is built from aluminum and features a steel shaft the material from which the sequential shift paddles are also made. It is covered with leather, which gives it a very professional feel and has the perfect dimensions for a racing wheel. the turning radius is 900 degrees two and a half turns. It has three pedals made of steel and all the button panel of the console controls-as well as additional controls on the front.

__The specifications of the steering wheel are:
Height: 270mm
Width: 260mm
Depth: 278mm
Weight without cables: 2.25 kg
And the pedals:

Height: 167 mm
Width: 428.5 mm
Depth: 311mm
Weight without cables: 3.1 kg
The most demanding can add to this
configuration a gear lever that is not included in the base model.

And now let’s get to the important part; The steering wheel has two motors, to offer Force Feedback and Trueforce that are synchronized with the outputs of the game, and that respond to physics and also to sound.

Logitech G923: Steering Wheel Review For PS4, Xbox One And PC
Logitech G923: Steering Wheel Review For PS4, Xbox One And PC

_____How to install the Logitech G923:—

The installation system of this steering wheel is extremely simple. At the bottom, we must connect the pedals which are included and the power supply, while there is an additional port for the gear lever. Remember that it includes the two sequential shift paddles anyway.

The steering wheel connects to the console via USB port, and to the electrical network. To fix it to the game table, it does not have suction cups, but a system of the screw holes, which anchor it in a very firm way. If we miss something, it is that it does not allow modifying the inclination, in case our table is too high or low. But remember that it is a peripheral designed to compete and that its natural habitat is a “racing seat” that completes the experience.

Once connected to the console, we can use the many buttons on the front to navigate through the menus comfortably, without using the traditional remote.

____Behavior with compatible games:—

This is the list of compatible PS4 games provided by the manufacturer. They are games that work perfectly with the Logitech steering wheel and do not need any special configuration, it is practical “plug and play”.

__Assetto Corsa
__Assetto Corsa Competizione
___Dakar 18
___DIRT 4
___Dirt Rally
___Dirt Rally 2.0
___F1 2015
___F1 2016
___F1 2017
___F1 2018
___F1 2019
___F1 2020
Farming Simulator 15
Farming Simulator 17
Farming Simulator 19
Gran Turismo Sport
GRID (2019)
Grip Combat Racing
Need For Speed ​​Heat
Need For Speed ​​Payback
Project Cars
Project Cars 2
Spintires Mudrunner
The Crew 2
V Rally 4

____Will it works with PS5 and Xbox Series X?

Will it work with PS5 and Xbox Series X?
Buying a steering wheel with these characteristics is an investment, and therefore, it makes sense to know if we can also use it with the new consoles that will be launched at the end of 2020.

The Logitech G923 steering wheel will work with PS4 games running on PS5 and will also be compatible with future games developed for the console, as Sony itself has communicated. DIRT 5 has already been confirmed to have a free update for Sony’s next-gen machine, and the release of Gran Turismo 7 for PS5 has also been announced

In the same way, as has Microsoft confirmed, the steering wheel will be compatible with Xbox G923 X Series. We can use it in backward compatible games on the console or in future releases, like the next Forza Motorsport

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