Ultimate Guide On Lost Ark Add Friends Cross Server

Yesterday, my brother, John, was playing the game Lost ark. But he was thinking about how to add friends cross server. So, we started researching on the internet and got detailed knowledge. So, I thought of sharing the details and my experience with you. 

When it comes to talk about lost ark add friends cross server, you should know that adding friends in this game is possible with the party finder. But several people think adding friends from other servers to the friends’ list is impossible. In this case, your job is to make a party and identify any objective like Cubes, Dungeons, etc. Then, you should leave this open to allow other players to join from other servers. Let’s know about lost ark can you add friends cross server Or not in detail. 

The game has an in-game server system which is very clunky in its execution for the famous MMO of its era. Instead of having players generate a character set that can be dropped in and out of the separate servers of the game, players need to commit a roster full of characters to a single server only. 

If they want to join a different server where their friends play, they should begin the journey from scratch with new characters. The option isn’t viable for players who want to join end-game activities with end-game characters. Many players want to designate themselves to a single server. As a result, they play the game alone. 

If you are a gamer, you must know that you can encounter issues when you connect across servers if you cannot add another player to your friend list. The reason is that every character’s name is exclusive to that server and that server alone.

Generally, it indicates that there are “some” things that are possible to do across servers for friends, but they cannot do “all” things. We have given here the names of the game modes which you can play as a gamer across servers:

  • Raids
  • Dungeons
  • Cube
  • Platinum Fields
  • Auction House
  • Boss Rush
  • PvP Arena

There are other game modes like Open World and Arena Premade, which your friends can’t get across servers. Creating a party is the first task that a gamer has to do. Then, you should identify objectives like Cubes, Dungeons, etc. Then, they should leave this for other players to join. 

Although it does play between servers, you still play PvP with a specific friend for a limited amount. That friend can participate in a party. But no matchmaking will be there with players outside of the servers.

 There are numerous gamers who expressed their problems already with multiplayer across servers. Besides, several gamers clamor practically to matchmake with players from different servers.

Since late February, this game has been available in America & Europe, whereas it has been available for some time in the Korean region. Developers take their time now to collect feedback so that they can implement more cross-server matchmaking soon.

Server specific:
 lost ark add friends cross server

These are names of the servers:-

  • Guilds
  • Friends (list)
  • Islands
  • Open World
  • Strongholds
  • Guild versus Guild (not available at launch)
  • Life Skills
  • Arena Premade (unranked only)

Group finder is the best solution if you are willing to play with your friends badly. In this case, your task is to make a group. Then, you should choose the dungeon or raid to run and have them join. Whether you don’t know where you can get the group finder, you should look under the Community Button in the Lost Ark UI.

Although many things have changed, it is necessary to wait for enough players’ requests to add specific features so that developers update the game by adding these features. Until then, if you want to do all with friends in-game, one thing you should do is ensure that you are both on the same server.

Remember that the game does not allow users to add friends on different servers. But do you know how others play this game with their friends? You can use PartyFinder, where gamers can make a party and identify objectives. As a result, other gamers can join. 

This one is a famous game which people prefer playing all the time. You can compete with strangers. However, we always recommend you play with friends or those whom you know. If you are willing to have a party to play with your friends, you should consider a few things on the same server.

Adding friends cross-server: A world apart
 lost ark add friends cross server

We will let you know lost ark how to add friends cross server in this section below. If you are one of the beginners, one thing you should know is that you are not capable of adding yourself with another player to your friend list across the game’s servers.  For instance, “Thirainfan56” is a name that may be available for a character in Aldebaran. But when you find the character in Rohendel, it will give you zero results.

However, it never indicates that you can play the lost ark game together from different servers because it is impossible to do. Activities and events queue players together and help to link them together from across servers. 

Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, Cube instances, and Boss Rush sessions enable you to mingle freely for the player base, except having a chance to add each other to friends lists afterward. 

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