What are the lucky items in Animal Crossing and where to find them?

Animal Crossing: New Horizon is a 2020 life simulation video game developed by Nintendo for Nintendo Switch. This is the fifth part of the series Animal crossing. It was released on Nintendo switch on March 20, 2020.

Like the gameplay, the player moves to a deserted island after purchasing a package. The player can explore the island, gather and can craft fishes, catch insects and can develop a community of animals with human-like traits. etc. 

Basically, it’s a non-linear life simulation played in real-time. The game received a lot of praising for the critics and other players worldwide.

lucky items in Animal Crossing

Now, there are certain items in Animal Crossing: New Horizon that can increase the Happy home academy (HHA) score of the players. 

These items are known as Lucky items and there is a total of 16 in the game. Eventually, the number of lucky items may increase with the new update.

 In previous versions of this game, these lucky items are said to affect players luck in finding rare items. But in New horizon, these 16 items can affect the HHA score only as each lucky item players collects will add an x777 bonus per item ton the HHA score. 

So many players would be excited to know where to find all these items in the games without trading. so here is the list of all the lucky items in the game so far.

1). 3 Lucky animal crossing gold Trophies-: There are three animal gold trophies in the game. The first one Gold bug trophy is mailed to the player after he wins 300 points in the bug off events. the second trophy Goldfish trophy is mailed to the player after he receives 300 points in the fishing tournament event. 

The third trophy Gold HHA trophy is mailed to the player after he achieves an HHA score of 150000 or more through appropriately decorating his home.

2). 3 Lucky animal crossing purchasable items-: Some items are purchasable in the game. The in-game version can be purchased by players who have purchased the limited-edition switch and they can check the in-game version in their mailbox after completing the tutorial. 

Or they can find the in-game version in special goods section under nook shopping. The other purchasable item, The Kanji tee top can randomly appear in the nook shopping special good or could be gifted by a villager. The third purchasable item is a ring that can randomly show up in the nook’s cranny.

3).1 Lucky animal crossing Gulliver- exclusive item-: After helping Gulliver in repairing his communicator he may send the player a Katana in the mail.

4). 2 Lucky animal crossing Fish-: There are two lucky fish in the game. The first one is Black popeyed goldfish who has a tiny shadow and can be found in ponds. The second one is Koi fish who has large shadows and can also be found in ponds.

5). 6 Lucky animal crossing DIY items-: There are 6 lucky craftable items which are:

  1. a) Crescent moon chair that can be crafted after receiving its DIY from Celeste. it costs 7 star and 1 large star fragments to craft.
  2. b) the Gold rose Wreath can be obtained randomly from a crafting villager or as a message in the bottle. it requires 10 gold roses to make.
  3. c) Golden candlestick DIY can be obtained from smug crafting villagers as it requires 2 golden nuggets to make.
  4. d) Lucky gold cat can be obtained from a villager. bottle message or from a balloon.
  5. e) Robot hero DIY is the most difficult item to make and can be purchased with nook miles from nook shop.
  6. f) Wobbling zipper toy DIY can be obtained on the bunny day and can be purchased if all the player has crafted all items in the bunny day series.

6). Lucky animal crossing villager pictures-: village posters, villager pictures can be obtained by the player as a gift after they reach a certain level of friendship.

So these are the 16 lucky items that can be found or purchased in the game. the items may increase with additional updates. but for now, they are limited to 16.

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