Major Doubts Sony Should Resolve ASAP!

The months of silence and speculation ended. Sony finally presented its PlayStation 5 in great detail last June. We saw the console (and its two models), we met several accessories and the controller and, above all, we saw many games.

Certainly, the path is much clearer than a few months ago, when we were still in a sea of ​​doubts while Microsoft was already showing some exclusive Xbox Series X games, and we already had the design of the console for a long time.

How much will PlayStation 5 cost?

At the moment, neither of the two companies (Sony or Microsoft) has spoken on this topic. When the price of PS5 or Xbox Series X is confirmed, the other company will have some space to react.

The situation is critical at this time due to COVID-19, So, Almost all bets speak of between $ 399 and $ 499 / euro.

According to the statements of Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, “they think more about value than price”. The idea is to offer the best value for a certain price.

Major Doubts Sony Should Resolve ASAP!
Major Doubts Sony Should Resolve ASAP!

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Sony doesn’t seem very concerned about the economic crisis. In fact, it even argues that the console business is one of the most resilient to recessions. Frankly, it’s a very different stand than Microsoft’s, which with measures like ensuring that all Xbox Series X games are also compatible with Xbox One for at least a year puts less pressure on upgrading to the new console, and he even stated that his strategy does not revolve “around how many Xbox we sell this year”, directly referring to the economic crisis and offering alternatives in services such as Xbox Game Pass or All Access.

Of course, none of this gives us any real clue as to what the final price of the console will be. Anything could happen. But it does show, deep down, that Sony’s strategy is somewhat more aggressive when it comes to selling its PS5 as an essential novelty, while Microsoft seems calmer before the launch.

Another thing to study when looking at the price will be how the price will change between the digital version of PS5 and the version with a disk reader. Digital is obviously expected to be cheaper.

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