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Marvel’s Avengers Beta: How To Unlock The Secret Level?




We tell you everything you need to do to unlock the secret level called Snowy Tundra, a mission that will be familiar to you because it appears at one point in the beta but will disappear later.

It is possible to access a secret level in the Marvel’s Avengers beta that will allow us to expand the playable experience with content that not everyone has managed to unlock.

As you well know, Marvel’s Avenger beta has a lot to unlock and especially to explore, but there is a level that you can only access if you meet a series of requirements. That is why we will give you all the steps so you can play the secret level in Marvel’s Avengers, a procedure that you can make pretty fast but also requires some luck to get a set of coordinates.

In a section of the beta, you visited Missing Links, a level where Kamala and Dr. Banner raid some facilities in a snowy landscape. Well, you can go back to this mission and explore it freely, but first, you must do one thing.

Marvel’s Avengers Beta: How To Unlock The Secret Level?
Marvel’s Avengers Beta: How To Unlock The Secret Level?

Marvel’s Avengers: This Is How You Can Unlock The Secret Level:—-

To be able to unlock the Snowy Tundra mission within your challenge table, you must first locate a series of coordinates in another of the missions, specifically the one called Stark Realities.

Once you enter Stark Realities you must complete all the secondary objectives that you find. To do this, press up on the directional pad so that all the markers appear on the interface. Each of the objectives you complete will have a chance to drop you a few coordinates to unlock the Snowy Tundra mission.

Once you have completed all the secondary missions, the level should have already been unlocked, but if not, don’t worry, repeat Stark Realities again and play all the secondary missions over and over again until you get the coordinates necessary.

Of course, realize that the secret mission Snowy Tundra will disappear once you complete it, so try not to leave it until you have discovered all its secrets and obtained each of the rewards. If you want to unlock it again, complete all the Stark Realities side missions again and you will have it once more on the panel at the challenge table.

With this, you already know how to unlock the secret level in the Marvel’s Avengers beta.


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