Marvel’s Avengers Presents The Trailer Launch

The Square Enix title will return us to the fantasy world of heroes under the Marvel brand

Marvel’s Avengers will see the light in just a couple of weeks with a single goal: to make players vibrate with the world of heroes and villains that characterizes the Marvel universe. This time we can take control of The Avengers – in addition to other characters that will be landing – in order to stand up to the AIM Group, established as the main antagonists of the work.

Now, we finally have an intense launch trailer that shows all the virtues of the game.

As we can see, the launch trailer for Marvel’s Avengers is in charge of placing us in the conflict that we will live in-game, with Kamala Khan having the mission of reuniting The Avengers. We will remember, therefore, that players can choose to play both on their own account and with other players through multiplayer, which will allow them to customize each and every one of the controllable characters – thus facilitating each user to give a unique touch to the heroes.

On the other hand, we will point out that although we still do not have the final data, it would be expected that Marvel’s Avengers would be one of the video games that would claim more space from our hardware for the current generation of consoles. In this article, you can read more about a title that could claim about 100 GB of storage.

Marvel’s Avengers, will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia from  September 4, 2020. Although this will also see the light in the new generation of consoles, it still does not have a release date for it.

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