Mass Effect Trilogy: Possible Release Date Revealed

Mass Effect is one of the most popular franchises in the video game industry, especially for lovers of science fiction. That is why the news about an alleged remastered trilogy caused many to start to get excited about what still seems like an imminent announcement. Now, a new leak would have revealed the early release date of the collection.

On the other hand, you can take a look at a tweet from Jeff Grubb, the journalist who this summer has led the singing voice around the most relevant video game ads.

As we can see, Mr. Grubb dismisses that the name that appears on the list is the one that responds to the Mass Effect trilogy. However, in turn, it does not deny at any time that September 29, 2020, is the release date of the collection, which would logically imply that this data is correct compared to the name.

Mass Effect Trilogy
Mass Effect Trilogy

At the moment, in any case, we cannot give this information as a confirmation of any kind. However, it does show more in line with the estimates of the first leaks, which pointed to the arrival of the collection during a date to be determined in autumn.

This prediction, then, seems to be closer to the truth than not the most recent of all, which indicated that its arrival would not occur until early 2021.

Ultimately, we will note that Grubb makes two additional comments to the Mass Effect Remastered Trilogy: It will be a release exclusively from the present generation and will be coming to multiplatform mode, denying any kind of possible exclusivity for Xbox. Again, we will have to keep waiting to confirm all these points.

We will update this article as new details become known so if you want to stay up to date on the gaming news, stay tuned and keep reading Nintendo inquirer”.

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