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Microsoft Drafting Plans To Release ‘Halo Infinite’ In Parts




This shows that the decision to delay the game was by no means a pleasant one for Microsoft or something they would have wished for from the start.

Although the decision to the delay of Halo Infinite to the next year 2021 may not have generated the best reactions from fans of Xbox, it is clear that it was not easy for Microsoft, as Xbox Series X will be launched in November, with thousands of four-generation games. but without Halo Infinite.

And is that Halo Infinite was not only Microsoft’s only game confirmed to launch for Xbox Series X, but it has been immersed in a longer development than anyone expected. But, Microsoft decided to delay the game as the last and only option since, according to Phil Spencer, it was not something the team decided lightly.

Microsoft Drafting Plans To Release ‘Halo Infinite’ In Parts
Microsoft Drafting Plans To Release ‘Halo Infinite’ In Parts

Let me first acknowledge to the fans and audience that this is a disappointment, he commented on Gary Whitta’s Animal Talking show, picked up by Stevivor. It’s disappointing for gamers and disappointing for us. We were prepared for the joint release of Halo Infinite and Xbox Series X.

It is interesting that Spencer, along with 343 Industries, considered dividing the game into parts that would make Halo Infinite arrive on different dates, but finally, no consensus was reached after 24 hours of deliberation. It would not be, for all of you, a Halo release as you would have wanted.

I will apologize to the fans, because I do not like to give hope and not fulfill them, but I also believe that we made the right decision, in the long run, for Xbox, Halo and our customers, he added.

What do you think about it? Spencer also reiterated that the Halo Infinite delay has not affected the launch of Xbox Series X, which is already confirmed to be in November, something that was already said since last July. When launched, the Halo multiplayer Infinite will be free to play and will reach 120 fps on Xbox X Series.


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