Microsoft Flight Simulator: Here’s The Complete Analysis

The time has come, it is a perfect time and the airport speakers loudly proclaim the departure of Microsoft’s most intrepid return, and we finally have in our hands the new edition of the classic Flight Simulator. A title in which the French developer, Asobo Studio, with the precious help of Microsoft, proposes the return of the best flight simulator on the market. The effort and commitment that the developer has put into Flight Simulator are titanic with sick details and a surprising quality in each reflection.

Fly anywhere in the world

As in real life, we can fly anywhere with Flight Simulator, a feat in which Asobo Studio has given it its all, rendering no less than four hundred cities around the globe with Bing Maps telemetry. But what does this mean? Well, simply, and just like how we could carry out the GPS mapping, we can see while we fly some recreations of the main cities of the world under a completely crazy level of detail.

In this way, we can fly over the most emblematic places in the world passing through the wonders of the planet such as the Eiffel Tower, Mount Fuji, the Pyramids of Egypt, the Statue of LibertyMount Teide, and thus we could continue writing pages and pages well the content of the game is simply brutal.

A very demanding simulator in all aspects

Both the gameplay and the graphics in Flight Simulator are very, very demanding and will require not only patience to get hold of the controls but also a powerful enough machine for everything to work perfectly.

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Here’s The Complete Analysis
Microsoft Flight Simulator: Here’s The Complete Analysis

The Azure cloud technology goes unnoticed where Microsoft supports players with a slow connection or who do not have the internet to download parts of the world. If we look at the weather we are also speechless, the day/night transitions, the adverse weather effects, the raindrops on the plane, rainbows, clouds – everything is implemented in such a realistic way that it scares.

In addition, it will use Meteo Blue to offer real-time weather conditions for the entire planet.

The sensations that the game transmits once we get the controls of the aircraft are indescribable, the impression of being at the controls of tons of metal is shocking and overwhelming.

The photorealistic nature of the game together with the three-dimensional clouds and the rain or the rays of the light of the water is fascinating, as well as the perfect recreation of any of the aircraft both in Indoors and outdoors, the Boeing 747 is overwhelming.

Regarding the gameplay, the simulation is so sensitive that we will notice the weight of the plane in any of the models, a plane will move lighter than a Boeing of course.

In addition, we must have the precision of a surgeon to play with keyboard and mouse, as well as memorize well all the combination patterns to fly the ship.

Obviously, the best thing to do is play with a good joystick, but Microsoft has made the title fun even with the Xbox controller. Regarding the sound section, everything is enlivened with relaxing melodies.

The airplanes roar as in reality something that we will notice in contrast to the interior chamber where we will hardly hear the noise of the engines.

A flight that will last many years

Flight Simulator will be with us for many years, something that is appreciated not only in the live recreation of each game but also in the large amount of content that Asobo has prepared for the game where DLC and updates with new content such as helicopters will arrive.

On the other hand, the game has several bugs that we have found during the games such as unexpected closures, buildings crossed, and the occasional car in the middle of the ocean. In the same way, the loading times in a traditional HDD become heavy and much so it is highly advised to use an SSD, although even so, the loading times are still there.

The true sense of aviation that we see in Flight Simulator makes it a very exclusive title for the great fans of flight simulators, although it gives a break for those new users who arrive for the first time because as soon as we finish the flight instruction in two or three hours we will be able to perform take-off and landing maneuvers by ourselves.

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