Microsoft Flight Simulator: Where Is The Area 51

Can you visit Area 51 in Microsoft Flight Simulator? If you want to explore the mystery’s confines, we will tell you if it is possible to do so and where these facilities are located.

Microsoft Flight Simulator has taken off with unstoppable force. The flight simulator is highly valued by everyone and has achieved what it set out to do, to be a benchmark in the genre. Despite being a niche game, it has gone much further thanks to its excellent work.

The reach of the Microsoft Flight Simulator is apparent and allows you to visit countless real sites while comfortably on the couch. One of them is the mysterious Area 51 that, indeed, you can see in the game. We tell you where it is.

Where is Area 51 in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Those of you who like mysticism and conspiracy theories may be wondering if it is possible to visit Area 51, that famous military site that, they say, has alien technology and extraterrestrial life.

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Where Is The Area 51
Microsoft Flight Simulator: Where Is The Area 51

It is definitely possible to find Area 51 in the game, but the most important thing before embarking on the adventure is to know where it is and if we can land the plane. Area 51 is located in the United States, within Nevada, in the west of the country. We leave you with the exact area marked.

Well, is it possible to land? The airspace above Area 51 is considered restricted in real life, so landing is not allowed with few exceptions. Fortunately, however, Microsoft Flight Simulator does allow you to “park” your plane at its facilities.

The pity is that we will not find much. Of course, no aliens are strolling around the area. There is only one runway, a few buildings, and some parked vehicles. It would not have been inadequate to see the odd UFO soaring through the skies.

The game is undoubtedly attracting the interest of thousands of players. Flight Simulator or reality? A comparison has already demonstrated the photorealism of Microsoft’s game. You can now check out our analysis of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, a next-generation experience.

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