Microsoft Shuts Down Twitch Rival, Partners with Facebook Gaming

Microsoft’s streaming service called Mixer is going to be closed soon. It was supposed to compete with the Amazon-owned Twitch but failed to complete its duties. Check out this article to get some quick updates about the same.

Mixer will shut down soon, and streamers are upset

Mixer got launched on January 5, 2016. It is a video game live streaming platform owned by Microsoft Corporation. According to the news websites, the streaming giant is going to shut down. Once it is closed, its community won’t be able to access the Mixer App as well. However, Microsoft revealed, it won’t abandon the Mixer technology completely.

Recently, the official account of Mixer tweeted on their Twitter. This is how the streamers discovered the shocking news. Moreover, they are upset by Microsoft’s sudden move. Microsoft revealed that they are now partnering with Facebook Gaming. They always had the ambition to add gaming for online streamers. After the Mixer app and sites are shut, the streamers will be redirected straight to Facebook Gaming.

Furthermore, Microsoft stated that few measures might help the Mixer users to transition over Facebook Gaming without any problem. In an FAQ of Mixer, it was written that streamers would get similar deals on Facebook Gaming as well. It also read that Facebook Gaming will help them to match their existing Mixer partner agreement. The streamers will have two options, one is to return to Twitch, or go according to the plans of Facebook Gaming.

Furthermore, the post stated that if a streamer takes advantage of the Mixer Xbox integration, their rights to stream to Mixer from their Xbox One, will be turned off. They can use the Twitch app to stream their gameplay from Xbox One. Besides, they can also connect to their computer and stream via software likes XSplit or OBS.

This sudden decision came right after a few months when Microsoft gained numerous streamers after obtaining millions of dollars from Twitch. However, it still didn’t help the company to gain viewers as the viewership was still less in comparison to other streaming giants. Mixer, previously called, was facing issues since its launch. Microsoft had purchased it, but it still didn’t show any progress

Mixer Vs Twitch

A few months back Mixer was doing good and stood toe to toe along with Twitch. Their rivalry began when Microsoft started signing numerous streamers to the Mixer app. However, all their hard work went in vain when it didn’t gain streamers.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer talks about Mixer

Xbox boss Phil Spencer revealed in a post on Xbox Wire. He stated that it was time for them to build their live-streaming community. But Mixer was unable to turn their vision into reality. So they decided to shut the operations of Mixer and help the streamers transition to a new service.

Their main aim is to serve their streamer’s needs, so this is why they teamed up with Facebook. He also stated on The Verge that they need a huge audience, and Facebook is giving them what they need. Twitch is Facebook’s other product, that has gained more popularity with the help of Facebook. If it can get viewers, so can Microsoft with the help of Facebook Gaming. Stay tuned for more updates.

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