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Microsoft Supports Epic In War Against Apple




These last few days in the video game sector have had controversy as few expected: the open war between Epic Games and Apple.

After the producers of Fortnite inserted into the game payment options that Apple could not benefit from, the company in charge of the iPhone line removed the popular battle royale from its domains. Not only that, but it even blocked their development tools, prompting Microsoft to intervene.

So, the statement from Kevin Gammill, Microsoft manager with more than 20 years of experience in the company and 10 in the field of video games:

“Epic Games’ Unreal Engine is a critical technology for many video game developers, including Microsoft. Graphics engines provide creators with a development environment that meets all the graphics, rendering, physical, sound, networking, and other technology needs that in turn, allow them to shape games to work on different platforms.

Microsoft Supports Epic In War Against Apple
Microsoft Supports Epic In War Against Apple

Although some large developers like developing their own graphics engines, many others-including small and independent developers -use graphics engines created and licensed by third parties.

Many of these developers do not have the resources or abilities to create their personal engines and rely on third-party engines, while other developers decide to use the third-party engine in order to cut development costs and use technologies already developed.

Mr. Gammill continues his speech adding that since Microsoft has invested heavily in helping Epic Games for Unreal Engine is all versatile as possible for as long as it can be used on as many platforms available.

The result of all this is that said graphic engine is one of the most popular in the video game industry, and the fact of blocking its use does not affect only Epic Games, but hundreds of developers who are left without a tool indispensable.

We will see, then, how the war between Epic Games and Apple progresses, which clearly seems to go for a long time. However, after Microsoft’s intervention, it is obvious that sooner or later Apple will have to take a step back from the ban on the Unreal Engine in its ecosystem, otherwise, it is possible that the launch of many new titles will be lost.

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