Minecraft: Assemble A PC Inside Game With This MOD

There are numerous things to do in Minecraft, just as there are also many mods for the game.

While you spend the whole day collecting wood and various materials, why not relax when you arrive at your house before the PC made in Minecraft? And not only that, why don’t you relax even more by killing demons in Doom on Minecraft PC while playing PC?

VM Computers is a mod for Minecraft that has been created by the user delta2force, which thankfulness to VirtualBox has managed to run operating systems from Windows 95 to Windows 98 in-game. Once you have installed the game, you will have to order your PC within the game; It seems complicated, but it is not so much.

Minecraft: Assemble A PC Inside Game With This MOD
Minecraft: Assemble A PC Inside Game With This MOD

The wonderful information you will necessitate is to craft a table and then wait for an in-game satellite to orbit within it. Satelite will produce 5 times on a game day and this is how you will protect your PC from Minecraft. If you want something more detailed on how to do it, you can recognize it here.

It doesn’t seem very complicated once you manage to understand the instructions, or as you perform it since some users have managed to make games work.

A Reddit user has shown that Doom can work in everything that has a certain technology since it has been recorded in Minecraft playing Doom on the PC it has mounted.

It’s a great trick, although once it was learned that a PC could work in Minecraft, some might have expected it. Subsequently, you can play at ATMs, a McDonalds’ cash register, etc.

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