Why does my Minecraft keep crashing?

Minecraft sees unexpected shutdown crashes due to various reasons. In the case of crashes, Minecraft closes immediately. However, you may get a notification showing an error report marking the location of the exception that caused the crash. Minecraft keep crashing?

The most general question people ask is why my Minecraft keeps crashing while I start it up? Crashes can occur due to several reasons. The most common of them are pre-existing bugs, mods, and updates.

A crash can be identified from either “Saving Chunks” or “Shutting down internal server” screen. An attempt to modify Minecraft’s files or individual words with advanced editors might also result in crashes.

Bugs, however, are the most common reason leading to the crash of Minecraft. These crashes can cause the corruption of saved files if the player is not careful enough. Thus, it is highly recommended to regularly update the copy of your saved folder (located in the %appdata%/ .minecraft directory on Windows system or ~/ . Minecraft/ in Linux).

The updates will reduce the losses that can be caused due to the corruption of the files caused by the crash. 

Massive TNT explosions are also the cause of Minecraft crashes. However, usually, the crashes occur randomly when the device is overloaded or overclocked.

Minecraft previously used to have an error report screen, but this feature has recently been removed from the app. Yet sometimes, you can receive an error report right before your game closes.

 This generally happens during startup; however, it stays there, but the player doesn’t have the accessibility to play the game.

How to fix the issue of Minecraft Crashing?

The solutions that we have mentioned in the articles have helped people previously to eliminate the problems caused by the crash of Minecraft. You need not try all the solutions. Just find the one that would work for you.

Why does my Minecraft keep crashing?
Why does my Minecraft keep crashing?

Note: Before trying on the solutions, it is essential to make sure that your computer meets the minimum requirements for playing games on Minecraft. This is because slow system specifications can slow down the game and eventually result in Minecraft’s crash.

So, if you are unsure about the requirements, check it on the website and see if your computer meets those.

Why does my Minecraft keep crashing?

In case your Minecraft crashes, your game will automatically get closed and main report an error, show you the location of the exception, which has resulted in the crash.

Here’s the question people look answers for why my Minecraft keeps crashing when I start it up? There are several reasons behind this like the mods, the corruption of the game’s files, box in the game, or outdated graphic card driver.

However, there is nothing to worry about, as crashes can be fixed quickly and easily. In case your Minecraft keeps crashing on your computer, there is nothing to panic. Stop wondering why my Minecraft java keeps crashing and following the simple ways to rectify the crash.

1. Try restarting your computer

Restarting your PC works well for eliminating various technical issues. Before you move forward to try other fixes, try restarting your computer as sometimes it is enough to fix your problem. All you need to do is close your Minecraft, restart your PC, and then open Minecraft to see if it has been resolved.

Why does my Minecraft keep crashing?
Why does my Minecraft keep crashing?

2. Update the game patches

The most common problem of the crash is the bugs present in the game. Mojang releases the patches that help improve Minecraft and fixes the box problem.

So it is advisable to install the patches as it would help keep your game up to date. Also, it would help fix some of the bug problems that can crash your game. 

Always keep in mind to have the latest version of Minecraft. In case you are using modes, try removing them, and then you need to uninstall Minecraft and then reinstall the newest version of the app on your computer.

If your Minecraft keeps crashing, then update your game patch, and don’t worry. Try out the other fixes to see what works for you.

3. Try updating your graphic card driver

Minecraft keeps crashing if you have a missing or outdated graphics driver in your Windows. So you can update your graphic card driver to fix the issue of crashing.

There are two ways which can be used to update your graphic card driver namely-

• Manually update your graphics card driver- for this, you can go to your graphic card manufacturers’ website, find the right graphic card driver for yourself, and then install it on your computer. This might require time and exceptional computer skills.

• Automatic update- if you know how to play around with the drivers, you can automatically update your graphics card driver using Driver Easy.

Driver Easy will quickly detect the driver’s condition and install the right driver for your PC. Additionally, you won’t need to struggle to find out the operating system, or you need not worry about making mistakes while processing.

Why does my Minecraft keep crashing?
Why does my Minecraft keep crashing?

The software is here to save tremendous time and patience. Follow the steps to do so

• Download and install the software Driver Easy

• Simply run Driver Easy and choose the options of scan now. The software will detect the problem in the driver of your system

• Now click on the update button present next to the driver name to download the correct graphic card driver and then install it in your computer

Alternatively, you can do this by clicking update all to automatically download and install the correct version of the problem drivers. However, you will require a pro version that will be prompted to upgrade when you click to update all.

4. Configure the correct settings

You might be wondering why my Minecraft keeps crashing when I launch it? This is because you don’t have the correct settings updated on your system.

In case you have an activated VBOs, then there are chances that your Minecraft will crash. To turn it off, here are the following instructions. There are two options to turn off VBOs namely-

Turn off VBOs from Minecraft settings

If you can launch the game, you can quickly turn off VBOs from your Minecraft settings. Here’s how you can do that

a. Look for the game settings

b. That chooses the option of video settings

c. You will find a setting about VBOs present at the bottom; there you need to turn it off

d. Now restart your PC and open your game

Turn off VBOs from Minecraft file
Why does my Minecraft keep crashing?
Why does my Minecraft keep crashing?

In case your Minecraft crashes as you open the game and can’t launch, you can simply turn off VBOs in the Minecraft options .txt file. Here’s how you can do it-

a. Press the Windows logo key and are together on your keyboard to invoke the run box

b. Now type in the run box %APPDATA%\.minecraft and click ok. Minecraft folder will be opened

c. In the folder, go to the options.txt file and then click on open options.txt

d. Change the useVbo option to false

e. Save the file, restart your computer, and later try to relaunch it.

5. Stop overclocking your CPU

Setting your CPU and memory to run at a higher, then their official speed grade overclocks your CPU. Every processing unit comes with the speed rating, which is required to be maintained.

Overclocking of CPU may be the reason your game gets stuck on loading or crashing. To fix the issue, you need to set your CPU clock speed rate back to default to fix the problem.

Fixes for Minecraft 

Fix 1- Corrupted System Files Sometimes the system files of the Windows causes trouble. To resolve it, use the command prompt option to fix the corrupted system files.Here are the commands that might come handy-● SFC/scannow● Dism/Online/Cleanup-Image/CheckHealth● Dism/Online/Cleanup-Image/ScanHealth● Dism/Online/Cleanup-Image/RestoreHealth 
Fix 2- Update Graphics Card Drivers Download and install the latest version of your graphic card driver via your device manager. 
Fix 3- Update Minecraft Check if any update is available for the app. If yes, then update it to the latest version in order to resolve the issue.
Fix 4- Remove MODS of Minecraft MODS, when installed from unknown sources, causes trouble. In case of trouble, you should remove all the MODS from Minecraft to enjoy the game peacefully.

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