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Minecraft is used by millions of players worldwide to play video games. The games are available on various platforms, which include Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation. Thus, provides the accessibility to the players to enjoy the game with friends in multiplayer mode.Fixes for Minecraft

However, despite having this immense popularity, many players have reported Minecraft not responding 1.14, which is one of the most common problems of Minecraft in Windows. During this issue, the players have access to the internet but are unable to use the LAN connection to join friends to play the game.

This issue arises when the player is trying to open up a session to LAN after launching a single-player world. Thus, results in a non-occurrence of the LAN gaming session within the game, and therefore the player can’t play with friends locally.

So, here comes the question of how to fix Minecraft not responding? In the following content given below, we have provided information about several solutions solemnly focused on various reasons causing the problem.

Top 5 fixes for Minecraft not responding

Fixes for Minecraft not responding
Fixes for Minecraft not responding

1. Make sure that every computer is connected to a single network

When you are facing trouble joining a LAN session, check every involved computer if they are connected to the same network. The issue of Minecraft not responding arises when you and the other player are not connected to the same network.

Thus, when you face issue of Minecraft not responding on startup, the first thing you need to do is check if you and the other players are connected using the same network.

2. Check for blockage by Windows firewall

The issue of Minecraft java not responding can arise when your Minecraft is blocked by windows firewall. Check the firewall settings to ensure that it has allowed the Minecraft executable file.

Step 1- Enter control in windows 10 Cortana search box and then press the control panel to open it.

Step2- Change the settings to view by large icons and then click on the windows defender firewall.

Step 3- Now click on allow option or button.

Step 4- Select the change setting and go down the list. Here you need to ensure that the boxes next to javaw.exe, Java ™ Platform SE binary, Minecraft are checked.

Step 5- Finally, click on the ok button to confirm the operation.

Once done, open your Minecraft and check if you can join a LAN session successfully. If the issue still arises, you can disable the windows defender firewall before you start playing the game. 

To disable windows defender firewall, you need to open the control panel and enter the windows defender firewall. From here, you can turn on/off your windows defender firewall from the left panel and then finally turn off for private and public network settings. Click on the ok button to save the changes.

3. Try connecting directly

Fixes for Minecraft not responding
Fixes for Minecraft not responding

The simplest way is to connect directly by manually entering the IP address and the game port number. Here are the steps you need to follow to get your IP address and again, phone number.

Step 1- In the Windows 10 Cortana search box type CMD and then click the best match command prompt to open it.

Step 2- Type ipconfig in the command prompt window and press enter

Step 3- Look for the network you are currently connected to. Now, note down the associated IPv4 address of the network.

Step 4- Open Minecraft on the host computer and then note down the game port number mentioned at the bottom of the screen which shows local game hosted on port ×××××.

Step 5- On the computer, you are trying to connect with the LAN party, choose the multiplayer, and then press direct contact option.

Step 6- Finally, enter the IP address and the game code number to make contact directly. 

4. Allow Network Discovery

Fixes for Minecraft not responding
Fixes for Minecraft not responding

Minecraft not responding issue arises when the network discovery is disabled, as it prevents Minecraft from listening to broadcast. In such a scenario follow the following steps to enable your network discovery-

Step 1- In the Windows 10 Cortana search box type control and click enter. Now press on the best match control panel option to open it.

Step 2- Choose the option network and internet and then click on network and sharing center

Step 3- Now click on the change advanced sharing setting options

Step 4- Expand your private tab and then check for the turn on the option for network discovery feature

Step 5- Expand your public tab and then check on the turn-on option for network discovery feature

Once done, try joining the Minecraft session, check if Minecraft not responding issue got fixed or not.

5. Try disabling your Antivirus Solution temporarily

Sometimes due to specific antivirus applications, your Minecraft is blocked for connecting LAN. So the best shot is to try disabling them temporarily. In case you are using a built-in windows defender antivirus, you need to disable it as well. Here are the steps you can follow to do so-

Step 1- Press Windows +I key together to open Windows setting App

Step 2- Look for updates and security. Choose the Windows security option and then click the virus and threat protection option available in the right panel.

Step 3- Click on the virus and threat protection setting and then turn off the button under the new window’s real-time protection section.

Once you are done disabling all your antivirus programs, check if your Minecraft not responding 1.14 issue got resolved or not.

6. Switch off AP Isolation

If you use a Wi-Fi connection for internet connectivity, then perhaps your router applies is security feature AP Isolation. With the activation of this feature, the users can connect to the internet from the same network but cannot connect to the other players.

If AP isolation is active, you are likely to encounter Minecraft not responding to startup issues. In such a scenario, you simply need to turn off this feature. Here’s how you can do it

Step 1- Look for the IP address of your router. In the command prompt option, execute the command ipconfig, and the value of the default gateway you get is the address of your router.

Step 2- Now open your browser and their type IP address of your router in the address bar and click enter.

Step 3- Manually enter your user credentials and login to your router’s configuration page.

Step 4- Find the AP isolation option and then disable it. Note it might be available in a different name like user isolation, access point isolation, enable wireless access point, or client isolation.

After you have disabled a security feature, you can restart your router and check if you can join the LAN session in Minecraft.

7. Try Reinstalling your Minecraft

If you find none of those mentioned above solutions working for you, and you still face Minecraft not responding problem, then there is a problem with your application itself.

To fix the problem, you need to install your Minecraft and download the latest version from the official site and reinstall it. Once done quickly, connect with every involve a computer and check if the issue is resolved or not.


There are various reasons why you might be facing Minecraft, not responding issue. However, the solution to all the common problems have been mentioned above. See what method works for you to resolve the issue of Minecraft, not responding.

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