MLB The Show… for Switch?

Many Nintendo Switch users know that there is a lack of sport-sim games in the Nintendo world. With soccer (FIFA), basketball (NBA2K), and football (Madden), but there is a need for baseball. This year Sony’s MLB the Show is coming to the Nintendo Switch platform. 

Previously, MLB the Show was only available to Playstation users and as of 2021, it was extended to Xbox users. MLB wanted a wider influence. They came to an agreement with Sony and San Diego Studios leading to MLB the Show 22 availability on the Switch. The Show offers several game modes, keeps up with live rosters, and offers a true experience of the action on a baseball diamond.

Being available on more platforms is not the only thing MLB the Show 22 has to offer. Now in diamond dynasty mode, there are more baseball legends that every true fan loves available to add to your roster. A new game mode is the mini-seasons providing more ways to increase your skill. Seasons are supposedly available to play against CPU. This is extremely beneficial to new players who don’t have to play PvP in ranked mode. The mode “March to October” was also critiqued using the input received from players of MLB the Show 21. After Nike came out with the city connect jerseys in 2021 fans loved them enough for San Diego Studios to add the jerseys as playable in The Show 22. 

Now that it is available for the switch baseball fans can enjoy their own teams and a new world of baseball. All the game modes are the same on the Switch as for the Playstation and Xbox. Crossplay with all three consoles is available so you can play with anyone and everyone. It is the Switch’s first true baseball sport-sim game. 

As was expected the graphics on the Nintendo Switch are not as clean-cut as on the next-gen consoles dropping from 60fps to the 30fps on the Switch. This 30fps margin is applicable to the offline modes. On the online modes, the movement is very choppy and gets well below 30fps. It is known that the Switch is a late-gen console. However, to make up for that the Switch is portable making The Show available everywhere. One major attraction of MLB the Show is unavailable if playing on the Switch. This feature is the stadium creator. This detriment is also due to the Switch’s hardware not being as sturdy as that of the Xbox or Playstation. Also, another not so rare struggle on the Switch is its online connectivity. The graphics make it hard to play but so does the quality of connection with other players. The crossplay feature enhances this problem.

The only experience of MLB the Show 22 on the Nintendo Switch has been through the Show 22 Tech Test. There were many suggestions and complaints received from Switch users. It was made clear during the Tech Test and from San Diego Studio members that it was only a tech test (not the full completed game). They are professionals with a strong work ethic and say they are planning to enhance the graphics at a stable 30fps on the Switch. After all, The Show 22 is a realistic baseball game, something the Nintendo Switch was lacking. For baseball fans MLB the Show 22 on the Switch (albeit not as good as on next-gen consoles) is worth the money. San Diego Studios and Nintendo have large fan bases so we can expect the best they have to offer. 

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