Mount and Blade Warband Cheat in detail

( The larger arena to get all the mount and blade Warband cheats for PC, for consoles ad PS4. Learn the new unlocking tricks to enjoy the M&B Warband cheats to speed up your way of playing the mount and blade.)

If you are a person, who loves game genres like action role playing and making strategy, then you must be a fan of the game Mount and Blade.

But to unlock all the special features and modes of this game, while you are more interested to get into the medieval land of Calradia, you must have the mount and blade Warband cheats.

How To Enable Cheats 

It is all about enabling the new configurations to allow new cheats. While getting opened up the game launcher, one needs to click on “Play mount and blade” .  There you will find the configure button, check to enable cheats option.

And when you don’t want to use the cheats, then uncheck the enable cheats option. While playing with cheat codes, you will not get any steam achievements like awards and all, but there is a choice for you that, you can disable the cheat codes anytime.

Installing Mount and Blade Mods

The modding system for the game mount and blade is quite different from others. The newer mods are completely gets into oblivion and the installing process is hard to tackle.

  • First you need to select the mod you want to download.
  • Then extract the files with 7- zip file extractor.
  • After extracting the files, copy those files to Warband’s modules folder. After that go to the steam apps.
  • Check the modules for drop-down box, that you have downloaded for mount and blade Warband , after that start playing that game. (Steam Apps -> Common -> Mount and Blade Warband -> Modules -> Paste -> Minimise the window and open the Warband on the drop bar and you get to see the default mods you have selected for the Mount and Blade Warband

Mount and Blade Warband Cheats Pc

Mount and Blade Warband Cheat in detail
Mount and Blade Warband Cheat in detail

By inserting the following codes, you can improvise the game mount and blade Warband. Here you will discover some new cheat codes to enter in the specific time whenever required to get the awaited results.

While accessing to these cheat codes, you have to keep one thing in your mind that everything you are putting at your own risk, because this might get messed up your pc or the game you are playing.

At first, you need to activate the cheat menu, to get access to the cheat codes. The unique code is for that: CTRL +~ (type ‘no’ in Chat menu).

To deactivate the cheat codes, type CTRL +~ (type ‘no cheat menu’ no” )

So, here you go with the Mount and Blade Warband cheat menu with the most probable accessed cheats.

  • CTRL + Space : Fast Forwarding
  • CTRL + F5: All fights for you
  • CTRL + T : See all parties
  • CTRL + F9 : Slow Motion (You can press this one more time to turn on or off)
  • CTRL + F3 : Hurt Yourself
  • CTRL + F3 : Hurt allies
  • CTRL + F11: Stop Time
  • CTRL + X : It gives 1000 gold coin in the inventory
  • CTRL + X : In the character screen it gives you 1000 XP
  • CTRL + X : It also gives experience to the selected party member
  • CTRL + L : Level up
  • CTRL + Left Click : It upgrades all available units to the path and also it teleports your party where you click.
  • CTRL + F11 : To stop the time at battle.
  • CTRL + Space : Fast Forwarding waiting at map
  • CTRL + Shift + H : It completely heals the horse
  • CTRL + F3 : To damage yourself
  • CTRL + H : It completely heals you.
  • CTRL + W : To increase the efficiency of all the weapons. (It adds 10 points to the weapons)
  • CTRL + Shift + F6 : It knocks out all of your troops
  • CTRL + F6 : It knocks out one of the troops
  • CTRL + T : It helps you to see everything except the hideouts on the World Map
  • CTRL + F3 : Hurt the allies

Battle cheats for mount and blade warband :

  • CTRL + H : It heals your character in the game.
  • CTRL + F5 : It takes control of the player character.
  • CTRL + F3 : It helps to deliver blunt damage to the player character.
  • CTRL + F11 : To freeze time
  • CTRL + H : Full Health
  • CTRL + Shift + F4 : It knocks out the enemies while zooming out
  • CTRL + Alt + F4 : It knocks out all the unconscious enemy troops

First, you configure your PC to allow the cheats and then play.  So you have got your  m&b Warband cheats.

Mount and Blade Warband Cheat Menu Commands

Mount and Blade Warband Cheat in detail
Mount and Blade Warband Cheat in detail

The cheat menu is a new feature in mount and blade Warband. It helps you to receive different types of cheats codes to play the game. To activate the cheat menu, you need to press CTRL +~  to open the console.

To activate: Enter the ‘cheat menu’ in the bar. It helps the modders (like professional players) to play the game with more speed.

To Deactivate: Enter in the console back up as ‘no cheat menu’, the cheat menu will disappear.

If you do not find the title key on your computer, then you can have one more alternative to the process for m&b Warband cheat menu commands.

Go to Mount and Blade warband -> modules -> native -> open “menus” -txt.

Then look for mno_ tutorial_ cheat 131210, and change the value of the last digit from 0 to 1.

That is how Mount and Blade Warband cheat code commands work.

Mount and Blade Warband Xbox one Cheats

Mount and Blade Warband Cheat in detail

When you search for cheats on Xbox to play mount and blade Warband, you get demotivated, because it is hard to find anyone cheats. But there is a cheat for Denars, for which it is not easy to get access to this cheat.

Usually, the console version does not seem to have any cheat codes. But, there is one Xbox Cheat.

The things you need to do to get at least one cheat for the Xbox  : 

Actually this cheat helps you to get a high-level horse, and it has been developed by xbox1 GT.  At first, get one castle and horse of your choice. Now open the chest of the castle and hit Y over the horse you see in the game.

After doing so, the horse will automatically increase its riding skills in the game. Even if it was running on speed, it will speed up more than 5 times than earlier. You will get to know the transformation from level 1 to level 5.

Unlimited Denars:  For activation of this cheat, go to the configure, ‘ reg_config.txt of your game installation process and search the line ‘ cheat_mode = 0’. Now, you change the 0 to 1 and save the new configure. And after that in your inventory screen, you will get to see 1000 Denars.

Try this cheat code, it may work for you.

Mount and Blade Money Cheat  :

What motivates a player in mount and blade is money cheat.  Here is cheat money cheat to get more power while playing the game.

  • CTRL + X: On inventory screen, you can add 1000 gold.

Mount and Blade Console Commands

To have cheats for mount and blade console, you need to alter some files in your PC. To enable the console commands, there are methods of modification in it.  Although the console commands have its limitations, but these are considered useful tricks to the ones who try to create mods.

Enabling cheat mode is the most important key to unlock most of the important features. Usually the command line pops up, when you press CTRL +~, but for console commands, you need to play with new settings and need to discover the things.

To get Maximum statistics :

You have to access through the character screen and then you have to click on the statistics in the bottom left. After that click on the export character to go through with all the boxes. Then get into the search function as the exported character to get it in.

C:\Users\”_username_”\ Documents\ Mount and Blade Warband \  Characters. Here you can edit most of the options as you want to see and play while playing the Mount and Blade Warband game

When you want to change your abilities :

First, you have to create a new character. After creating the character, go to the character attributes page and search the statistics option. Then, by clicking on exporting you can change the abilities of the character that you have chosen to play.

In the Mount and blade warband characters option, you can enter your character’s name. Save one copy and then reload on the game when you start to play.

To add gold: campaign.add_ gold _ to _ hero _#

To level up: campaign.add_ skill_xp_ to _ hero

To active quest: campaign. Complete_ active _quest.

To  cancel active quest: campaign.cancel_ active_ quest.

To complete the current quest: campaign.complete_ active_ request

Just type your party name and commands as your console commands.

This mount and blade Warband game has a huge fan base. Its thrilling actions give people to make new strategies to enjoy the game.

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