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NBA 2k21: Pre-Order And Get Free Digital Content




Show your excellence on the court with NBA 2K21, on sale at the end of summer, on September 4, on PS4 and Xbox One. And if you book it on GAME, you will get a gift!

AME has opened NBA 2K21 reservations for PS4 and Xbox One on its website. And as usual, those who grab the new sports simulation title before launch will earn exclusive special rewards.

Only in GAME, you can enjoy with your NBA 2K21 reservation, the two free downloadable content!

Time around, NBA 2K21 pre-orders will take two downloadable content packs in addition to the game. On the one hand, they will get a pack of 5,000 VC Points for the game, and on the other hand, they will also take two pre-reserve envelopes with additional players. 

NBA 2k21: Pre-Order And Get Free Digital Content
NBA 2k21: Pre-Order And Get Free Digital Content

To get both gifts you just have to reserve the game from the GAME website.

Remember that, on the cover of the editions for the current consoles, NBA 2K21 is represented by Damian Lillard, the current base of the Portland Trail Blazers, and one of the great promises of the NBA.

NBA 2K21 is also coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X, in various editions (including one dedicated to Kobe Bryant, Mamba Forever) that you can also pre-order on GAME. So, don’t miss the best basketball simulator, wherever you play!

NBA 2K21 will go on sale on September 4 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. In addition, it will have versions of PS5 and Xbox Series X that will arrive later, when the new generation consoles are on the market.

So, hurry up and order your NBA 2K21 at GAME fast and get free digital content.

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