New Nintendo Direct Is To Be Announced Soon

Nintendo Direct file domain is updated for what could be an upcoming announcement from the Japanese company.

Nintendo announced a few days ago its big plans in order to celebrate 35 years since the birth of Mario, something it did through a combination of new and classic experiences that will undoubtedly shake the video game market in the coming weeks. However, despite this, there is still reason to believe that the Japanese company is about to announce a new and long-awaited Nintendo Direct.

A Nintendo Direct just around the corner?

Thus, it is from Reddit that they have been able to detect through the Visiospark website which is responsible for recording when a web page has been modified that the Nintendo Direct file domain was modified on September 5. This fact is especially relevant given that, previously, practically every time the website has been altered, it has ended up involving the announcement of a Nintendo Direct with a maximum margin of approximately two weeks.


The truth is that the fact that Nintendo announced a new Nintendo Direct would not be surprising, especially when the company has many third-party projects about which very little is known at this point or about which it would be believed that we would know more. An additional factor that makes you believe that a new Nintendo event is necessary is that the company does not have any major market claims prepared for the month of November, as all the recent Mario announcements go until mid-October at the latest an Except for the Game & Watch which, logically, does not serve as a reference.

Ultimately, we will point out that one of the projects that Nintendo fans want to know more in detail is Hollow Knight: Silk song a sequel that was announced in early 2019 and for which there has been little news since then. In this link, you can find the latest that was released about the game, which included the reveal of a new character.

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