New World Players Petition to Make New World Devs Stream the Game

After continuously disappointing their player base, developers of New World are being challenged by the community to play the game themselves and to stream it.

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After committing blunder after blunder, New World players have finally had enough. A petition has been circulating around the game’s official forum where players are challenging devs from Amazon Studios to actually play the game. On top of that, the petitioners want the devs to stream their gameplay. This test comes as no surprise considering the tumultuous start for the MMORPG. The objective of the petition is to show how disappointing and unrewarding playing the game is. Residents of Aeternum want the studio to understand how hard it is to progress and earn decent New World gold due to their unneeded changes and ineffective patches.

New World’s Chaotic Months

New World has seen no shortage of issues of problems since mid-October. What started out as a seemingly successful start quickly turned into a rocky situation when the infamous New World gold duplication exploits surfaced. Amidst losing a portion of their initial players after the hype died down, New World also lost players who were irked by the exploit issue. Though it was a very pressing problem at the time, Amazon was a tad too slow in resolving the issue.

Following the gold duplication affair, New World players faced new obstacles. This time in the form of patch updates. Developers suddenly introduced changes without any prior notice to their players. As soon as it became clear to several watermarked grinders that elite zones suddenly became harder, they questioned the gaming studio regarding the issue. Amazon responded that they did make some changes without properly communicating it to the community which sparked outrage from fans due to the studio’s lack of transparency.

There were more issues that occurred right after the sudden updates. Some major issues were New World items being suddenly removed without notice, massive amounts of compensation gold accidentally given to players, and some minor glitches and bugs after the Into the Void update.

Changes to End Game Content

Though New World has a long list of problems, it is the most recent changes to the end game content that served as the catalyst for the petition to start. Many players have already expressed their desire to quit the game due to how hard the end game content of New World is. The first changes that occurred at the unannounced changes. Aside from the lack of transparency, the other main problem of that update was how hard they scaled the elite POIs. Several players reported how long it took them to take down enemies that they could easily defeat before. Many expressed their dismay in the forums and stated that the grinding at high-tier mobs was just unrewarding at that point.

The next change that made the end game content even harder was the patch made to motes. In this update, the devs removed the ability of all players to loot motes from elemental creatures. They limited the collection of the essential resources to mining and gathering. Though the update on the elemental motes was made to address the general community, it still has an indirect impact on the watermark content. Elemental motes were crucial for adding sockets to items to make them stronger. At the same time, motes were also used for various kinds of crafting. Due to the update, motes became more limited which lessened the chances for players to upgrade their weapons and armor. It also slowed the progression of watermarked players who are trying to increase their tradeskills.

Though the original watermark system was already hard for the players, it was still bearable and playable. However, the Amazon Games’ recent proposal sparked another outrage from fans. The initial proposal was for items with high gear scores to scale down to the user’s current watermark if the New World items were bought or crafted. This made players furious as this potential update would limit and bottleneck fans’ ways of progressing. Amazon has since rescinded this initial proposal after the backlash.

Petition for Devs to Stream the Game

The petition for the devs to play and stream the game is now circulating through the game’s forums. The petitioners called on the devs to make a 5-man or 10-man Myrkgard run starting from the west gate to the east gate. They also want to set a rule that the developers will have fixed gear scores ranging from 550 to 580. The challenge’s intention seems to make the gaming studio see how absurd and unrewarding their updates were.

The call for this petition did not really come as a surprise since the end game changes were highly unpopular among the community. Players have already bombed the steam review page of the game which dropped its reputation to Mixed. New World’s questionable updates have also been reflected by the sharp drop in their active players. Since its launch, the Amazon-owned MMORPG has lost 90% of its players.

It is unsure whether Amazon will take the petition seriously or not. However, it will do them good if they can accept the challenge because it will help them connect with their fans. All the devs will have to do is to play and stream themselves grinding Myrkgard to earn New World gold. The petition gaining the developers’ attention depends on how many will support it.

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