Nintendo Could Already Prepare The Anniversary Of Super Mario Bros. With Announcements And Remasters

A few months ago, information regarding Nintendo’s plans for the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., which takes place this same 2020, came to light.

Among the leaked information were remasters of various games such as Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario 64 for Nintendo Switch, in addition to new works such as a Deluxe version of Super Mario 3-D World and a Paper Mario that was not announced at the time.

And now it seems that Nintendo could have already started the machinery for the celebrations. As they collect from Reddit, it has been a new Twitter account that has left the first clues regarding the celebration of this 35th anniversary of the famous plumber. This account is called Super Mario 35th.

Also, some users have used a little trick to find out the email associated with that account, and it seems that it belongs to Nintendo, so it would be an account that would really be used to celebrate the plumber’s anniversary.

At the moment they have not given official details from Nintendo but, considering that this account is already active, it is possible that in a few days the plans to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. will be revealed with announcements and more news.

Of course, we will be pending to bring any news that arises in this regard. Also, we remind you that this Friday, the 17th, Paper Mario: The Origami King, the latest adventure of the plumber, will hit the market.

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