Nintendo Switch Fan Noise: How To Fix

Because it lets players use it as both a home system and a handheld device, the Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console that’s causing a stir in the market.

While it is a fantastic piece of technology, it does have one flaw: a noisy fan that occasionally interferes with your gaming.

However, there are techniques to reduce the console’s fan noise.

The detailed instructions are listed further down.

How you can silence a Nintendo Switch’s loud fan noise

  •   Your Nintendo Switch Should Be Cleaned

Your Nintendo Switch’s vents and other holes can get rather dusty over time. It might force your console’s fan to run longer and louder in an effort to keep it cool.

Cleaning these vents will enhance efficiency and lessen the likelihood that dust will subsequently enter your device.

Use the power button on your Nintendo Switch to turn it off.

Clean off any mud or debris from your Switch. The system and its Joy-Con controllers may be cleaned with a fresh cloth.

As you wipe them off, make sure that any vents or apertures, such as those for USB ports, are free of debris.

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After cleaning your Switch, let it air dry for a while to make sure no moisture enters inside the vents.

Note: When washing your Nintendo Switch, Nintendo advises using just water. Other substances, such as rubbing alcohol, and even soap, can harm your Switch’s finish or leave behind residue that can do the same.

  •     Use A Special Fan Switch.

Utilizing a cheap portable fan, like this ElecGear Cooling Fan from, is a much simpler alternative. The small fans are powered by batteries and are rather quiet in comparison to the Nintendo Switch’s main fan’s noisy whirring.

It has an extra USB port for connecting wired controllers and other gaming equipment.

In addition, your console’s main fan won’t have to work as hard because the fan serves as a secondary source of cooling, lowering the noise it makes.

Simply connect one to a USB power adaptor using the fan’s provided USB charging cord. Set the fan on a flat surface and switch it on from the control panel after the connection has been connected.

By doing this, you’ll have a second cooling source for your Switch, which will reduce the amount of noise it emits from its main fan.

  •     Select A Cool Location For The Dock

Nintendo Switch Fan Noise

The Nintendo Switch’s dock is partially to blame for heat transmission from the console to its AC adapter.

 This means that while it’s charging, you shouldn’t leave it on your desk or set it anywhere warm because doing so could eventually lead the exterior to become heated.

Therefore, when the dock is in use, think about placing it on a cold surface like metal or wooden surface.

If at all possible, try to leave a distance between the Nintendo Switch dock and any other gadgets in your room. In this manner, the only place for the heat from your console to travel is into the surrounding air.

  •     Don’t Play On Your Console For Too Long.

The more time you spend playing, the harder your Nintendo Switch fan has to work to keep your console cool. That suggests that you should stop playing for a while after around an hour.

If you do that, your device will be able to cool down and the fan won’t have to work as hard, which is very useful while playing intense games that quickly cause your console to overheat.

Please take note that turning off your Nintendo Switch before it has had a chance to cool down can harm its internal parts.

  •     Modify Your Grip

Changing how you hold or position your Nintendo Switch can help minimize the amount of noise your console generates while you’re playing, however, it may not be the best solution for the issue.

This is due to the fact that heat naturally moves from warmer to cooler body areas, such as your hands.

As a result, if you grip your Nintendo Switch too tightly while playing, your body heat will build up inside the console, which will increase noise levels.

Therefore, attempt to hold your console with one hand while letting the other dangle freely at your side to utilize a grip that doesn’t keep your palms too near to it.

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You might also carefully place your console in a case. The heat generated by your console is accommodated by a casing.

Be aware that using a case will make it more challenging for you to view, access, and operate your device’s screen and buttons, as well as make it more challenging to utilize any associated peripherals.

Nintendo Switch Fan Noise

  • Inspect The Fan For Problems And Replace It If Necessary.

Even after taking all of these precautions, if you still don’t like how quiet your fan is, your console is probably broken.

In this situation, in addition to the techniques mentioned above, your Nintendo Switch’s primary fan repair may be required. Fortunately, hiring an expert to accomplish this shouldn’t be that expensive.

As an alternative, you might save far more money by doing it yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is my Nintendo Switch making a noise?

Since the console has a number of moving parts, some noise should be expected to emanate from it. Additionally, while reading discs, the console may make noises, some of which may be louder than others.

2. Why is my Nintendo fan blowing so hard?

A fan mostly makes noise because it is operating vigorously. To prevent overheating when the console gets hotter, the fans are intended to spin more quickly.

3. Why does my switch make a humming noise?

The Switch’s fan may be operating noisier than usual in an effort to keep it cool if it becomes too hot. Some games put more strain on the system than others, so it will have to work harder to prevent overheating.

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