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Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons unveils Halloween launch date and new features




The next big update from Animal Crossing will help make your island a bit spookier. Today, Nintendo outlined the Halloween-themed fall update of New Horizon, which introduces to the game a few new items, including the possibility of growing pumpkins (that can then be harvested and used for DIY projects) and the ability to gather candy for the big day and buy new costumes. And because most of us this year won’t really be able to go out for Halloween trick-or-treating, Animal Crossing might serve as a sugar-free substitute.

Lunch Date 

With a Halloween-themed celebration and all sorts of new additions for the fall season, Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be lunch on September 30. And I can’t, frankly, manage how fantastic it feels. In reality, it’s so nice that I’m ready to be put to shame by my villagers for leaving them.

New features

It seems that players will be able to cultivate and pick pumpkins from their own pumpkin fields, as seen in the teaser, then use these things to build holiday decorations, pumpkin piles, bat-and-pumpkin arches, and much more. In October, we will be able to buy pumpkin starts from Leif or at Nook’s Cranny.

(In the normal forms, DIY recipes can be sought, such as studying them from fellow islanders.) It is also worth noting that in April, New Horizons data-miners sought hints for a farming element. In the future, there might be more vegetables to come.

animal game
animal game

Nook’s Cranny will also begin selling sweets, and, like the Mage’s dress seen in the teaser, the Able Sisters will continue to display costumes. Colored contacts and body polish complete the look, of course. The best thing, of course, is that on Halloween night, your villagers will still be handing out costumes.

Speaking of this, the celebration of Halloween night starts at 5 pm. In your immediate area on Oct. 31. “An enigmatic visitor, Jack,” according to Nintendo’s news release, will stay. Apparently, he’s the “Halloween czar.” We’ll need to give him the candy we’ve been hoarding to win “spooky in-game prizes” (saving those for mates, too).


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